Long-term workshop held under Yukawa International Program for Quark-Hadron Sciences (YIPQS)

& The 28th Nishinomiya-Yukawa Memorial International Workshop

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November 18 (Mon) - December 20 (Fri), 2013
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, in Kyoto, Japan

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First Circular

Dear Colleagues,

This is the first announcement of a long-term staying type workshop,

New Frontiers in QCD 2013
--- Insight into QCD matter from heavy-ion collisions ---
November 18 to December 20, 2013
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan.

The workshop is the fourth of the NFQCD workshop series, which was initiated
in 2006 and held also in 2008 and 2010, under Yukawa International Program
for Quark-hadron Sciences. The workshop website can be found at

* Aims and Scopes

Recent experimental results in heavy ion collisions at the LHC and RHIC
have led to intensive progress in understanding the nature of the hot
and dense QCD matter and the description of the relativistic heavy ion
collisions. As in previous NFQCD workshop series, at the meeting
intensive discussion among the participants is strongly encouraged.
We are going to invite leading scientists in the related fields.

* Subjects to be covered

(a) QCD phase diagram and finite temperature/density lattice QCD
(b) Collective dynamics and bulk heavy-ion dynamics
(c) Hard probes
(d) Initial condition, high energy QCD, and preequilibrium dynamics

* Schedule

The long-term workshop consists of three parts;

1st and 2nd week (Nov.18-22, Nov.25-29): workshop on subjects (a) and (b)
3rd week (Dec.2-6): symposium
4th and 5th week (Dec.9-13, Dec.16-20): workshop on subjects (c) and (d)

In the workshop weeks, we plan to hold one or two seminars a day
and have a half- or one-day mini symposium in each week.
In the symposium of the third week (Dec.2-6),
all the subject (a)-(d) and other related topics will be discussed.

* Venue and accommodation

All the scientific activity at the workshop will be held at
Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics (YITP), Kyoto University.
Desks with internet access will be provided to workshop participants.

As the workshop focuses on mutual discussion and collaboration among
participants, interested participants, particularly young researchers,
are welcome to stay long. We will support your accommodation and local
expense up to three weeks (within the budget of the workshop).

We have reserved a limited number of rooms
(~50 in the workshop weeks and ~70 in the symposium week)
for participants at a hotel in Kyoto.
The hotel reservation page will be opened in July,
and will be informed in the second circular delivered in late June or
early July.

We also have a limited number (~7) rooms in the guest house
mainly for students.
You can request the guest house arrangement at the registration.
(We do not recommend professors to stay in the guest house.)

The scheduled workshop dates belong to the busiest season
for tourism in Kyoto. If you would like to arrange your accommodation
by yourself, we strongly recommend to do so as soon as possible.

* Travel

You can find information on YITP website

* Registration

Please register at the workshop website:
The above registration page is linked from the workshop homepage.
Deadline of registration is
Septempber 30, 2013.

* Contact

If you have any question, please contact us at

* Organizers

M. Asakawa (Osaka, co-chair)
A. Ohnishi (YITP, co-chair)
S. Ejiri (Niigata)
S. Esumi (Tsukuba)
H. Fujii (Tokyo)
K. Fukushima (Keio/Tokyo)
Y. Hatta (YITP/Scientific Secretary)
T. Hirano (Sophia)
K. Itakura (KEK)
M. Kitazawa (Osaka)
K. Morita (YITP/Scientific Secretary)
Y. Nara (Akita)
C. Nonaka (Nagoya)
K. Shigaki (Hiroshima)

* International Advisory Committee Members

Yasuyuki Akiba (RIKEN)
Jean-Paul Blaizot (Saclay)
Sourendu Gupta (TIFR)
Tetsuo Hatsuda (RIKEN)
Ulrich Heinz (Ohio)
Frithjof Karsch (Bielefeld/BNL)
Dmitri Kharzeev (BNL)
Teiji Kunihiro (Kyoto)
Larry McLerran (BNL)
Berndt Mueller (Duke/BNL)
Krzysztof Redlich (Wroclaw)
Jurgen Schukraft (CERN)
Xin-Nian Wang (LBNL/CCNU)

On behalf of local organizing committee,
Masayuki Asakawa (co-chair) and Akira Ohnishi (co-chair)
Yoshitaka Hatta (Scientific Secretary), Kenji Morita (Scientific Secretary)



Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kitashirakawa-Oiwakecho, Sakyo, Kyoto 606-8502, JAPAN

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