Name Akio TOMIYA
Contact akio.tomiya[_at_]riken.jp
Research area Particle physics Theory(Lattice gauge theory), Machine learning
Affiliation Post-doc in RIKEN
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1987.12/27 Born in Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan
2006.3 Takarazuka Kita high school
2006.4 University of Hyogo
2010.3 Graduated from Condenced matter, University of Hyogo(Theoretical Physics II)
(Thesis(Japanese):Effects on the magnetic impurity in super conducters
2010.4 Enter to Osaka University
2012.3 Finish the master cource
(Thesis(Japanese):Theoritical back ground and Realization of the minimal walking technicolor)
2012.4~2015.3 PhD cource in Osaka university
2015.5-2015.8 Researcher in Osaka university
2015.10/5-2018.8.31 Postdoc in CCNU, China
2018.9/1- Postdoc(SPDR) in RIKEN-BNL

Key words Lattice gauge theory, QCD phase diagram, QCD with external fields, U(1) anomaly, Domain-wall action, staggered action, Technicolor, Conformal Window, Neural networks