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Japanese articles


  • "インフレーション後の再加熱期における宇宙論的摂動" (1998年, 博士論文, in Japanese) [PDF]

  • "Gradient Expansion法を用いた非一様・非等方宇宙の解析" (1995年, 修士論文)

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Published papers

  • Inhomogeneous Cosmology in General Relativity

    • "Application of gradient expansion to an inflationary universe",
      Y.Nambu, A.Taruya,
      Class.Quantum.Grav. 13 (1996) pp.705--714. [arXiv] [CQG]

    • "Application of Gradient Expansion to Non-linear Gravitational Wave in Plane-Symmetric Universe",
      A.Taruya, Y.Nambu,
      Prog.Theor.Phys. 95 (1996) pp.295--311. [arXiv] [PTP]

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  • Cosmological Perturbation Theory

    • "Evolution of Cosmological Perturbation in Reheating Phase of the Universe",
      Y.Nambu, A.Taruya,
      Prog.Theor.Phys. 97 (1997) pp.83--89. [arXiv] [PTP]

    • "Cosmological Perturbation with two scalar fields in reheating after inflation",
      A.Taruya, Y.Nambu,
      Phys.Lett.B.428 (1998) pp.37--43. [arXiv] [PLB]

    • "Solutions of gauge invariant cosmological perturbations in long-wavelength limit",
      Y.Nambu, A.Taruya,
      Class.Quantum.Grav. 15 (1998) pp.2761--2772. [arXiv] [CQG]

    • "Parametric Amplification of Density perturbation in the Oscillating inflation"
      Phys.Rev.D 59 (1999) 103505 (7pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

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  • Nonlinear Stochastic Biasing of Galaxies and Dark Halos

    • "Quasi Non-linear Evolution of Stochastic Bias",
      A.Taruya, K.Koyama and J.Soda,
      ApJ 501 (1999) pp.541--550. [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Stochastic Biasing and Galaxy-Mass Density Relation in the Weakly Non-linear Regime",
      A.Taruya, J.Soda,
      ApJ 522 (1999) pp.46--58. [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Stochastic Biasing and Weakly Nonlinear Evolution of Power Spectrum",
      ApJ 537 (2000) pp.37--49. [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Nonlinear Stochastic Biasing from the Formation Epoch Distribution of Dark Halos"
      A.Taruya, Y.Suto,
      ApJ 542 (2000) pp.559-577. [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Nonlinear Stochastic Biasing of Peaks and Halos: Scale-Dependence, Time-Evolution, and Redshift-Space Distortion from Cosmological N-body Simulations",
      A.Taruya, H.Magira, Y.P.Jing, Y.Suto,
      PASJ 53 (2001) pp.155-167. [arXiv] [PASJ]

    • "Genus statistics for galaxy clusters and nonlinear biasing of dark matter halos",
      C. Hikage, A. Taruya, Y. Suto,
      ApJ 556 (2001) pp.641-652. [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Nonlinear stochastic biasing of galaxies and dark halos in cosmological hydrodynamic simulations",
      K. Yoshikawa, A. Taruya, Y. P. Jing, Y. Suto,
      ApJ 558 (2001) pp.520--534 [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Biasing and Genus Statistics of Dark Matter Halos in the Hubble Volume Simulation"
      C. Hikage, A. Taruya, Y. Suto,
      PASJ 55 (2003) pp.335--344. [arXiv] [PASJ]

    • "Bispectrum and Nonlinear Biasing of Galaxies: Perturbation Analysis, Numerical Simulation and SDSS Galaxy Clustering"
      T. Nishimichi, I. Kayo, C. Hikage, K. Yahata, A. Taruya, Y. P. Jing, R. K. Sheth, Y. Suto,
      PASJ, 59 (2007) pp.93--106. [arXiv] [PASJ]

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  • Dynamics and Statistics of Large-Scale Structure

    • "Constraints on a non-Gaussian ($\chi_m^2$) CDM model",
      K.Koyama, J.Soda, A.Taruya,
      MNRAS 310 (1999) pp.1111--1118. [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Spherical Infall Model in a Cosmological Background Density Field",
      A.Taruya, J.Soda,
      MNRAS 317 (2000) pp.873--879. [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Isodensity Statistics on Clustering of High-z Objects in Cosmological Redshift-spaces",
      A.Taruya, K.Yamamoto,
      ApJ 550 (2001) pp.528--546. [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Probability Distribution Function of Cosmological Density Fluctuations from Gaussian Initial Condition: Comparison of One- and Two-point Log-normal Model Predictions with N-body Simulations",
      I.Kayo, A.Taruya, Y.Suto,
      ApJ 561 (2001) pp.22--34. [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Quasi-Self-Similar Evolution of the Two-Point Correlation Function: Strongly Nonlinear Regime in Ω < 1 Universes",
      T.Suginohara, A.Taruya and Y.Suto,
      ApJ 566 (2002) pp.1--6 [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Modeling Pairwise Peculiar Velocity Distribution Function of Dark Matter from Halo Density Profiles"
      T.Kuwabara, A.Taruya, Y.Suto,
      PASJ 54 (2002) pp.503--513 [arXiv] [PASJ]

    • "Three-Dimensional Genus Statistics of Galaxies in the SDSS Early Data Release"
      C.Hikage, Y.Suto, I.Kayo, A.Taruya, T.Matsubara, M.Vogeley, F.Hoyle, J.R.Gott III, J.Brinkmann, for SDSS collaboration
      PASJ 54(2002) pp.707--717. [arXiv] [PASJ]

    • "Non-Gaussian Tails of Cosmological Density Distribution Function from Dark Halo Approach"
      A.Taruya, T.Hamana, I.Kayo,
      MNRAS 339 (2003) pp.495--504 [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Evolution of Cosmological Density Distribution Function from the Local Collapse Model"
      Y.Ohta, I.Kayo, A.Taruya,
      ApJ 589 (2003) pp.1--16 [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Minkowski Functionals of SDSS galaxies I: Analysis of Excursion Sets"
      C.Hikage, J.Schmalzing, T.Bucher, Y.Suto, I.Kayo, A.Taruya, M.S.Vogeley, F.Hoyle, J.R.Gott III, J.Brinkmann et al.
      PASJ 55 (2003) pp.911--931 [arXiv] [PASJ]

    • "Cosmological Density Distribution Function from the Ellipsoidal Collapse Model in Real Space"
      Y.Ohta, I.Kayo, A.Taruya,
      ApJ, 608 (2004) pp.647--662 [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Characteristic Scales of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations from Perturbation Theory: Non-linearity and Redshift-Space Distortion Effects"
      T. Nishimichi, H. Ohmuro, M. Nakamichi, A. Taruya, K. Yahata, A. Shirata, S. Saito, H. Nomura, K. Yamamoto, Y. Suto
      PASJ, 59 (2007) pp.1049-1060 [arXiv] [PASJ]

    • "A Closure Theory for Non-linear Evolution of Cosmological Power Spectra"
      A. Taruya, T. Hiramatsu
      ApJ 674 (2008) pp.617-635 [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Impact of massive neutrinos on nonlinear matter power spectrum"
      S. Saito, M. Takada, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.Lett.100 (2008) 191301 [arXiv] [PRL]

    • "Simulations of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations I: growth of large-scale density fluctuations"
      R. Takahashi, N. Yoshida, T. Matsubara, N. Sugiyama, I. Kayo, T. Nishimichi, A. Shirata, A. Taruya, S. Saito, K. Yahata, Y. Suto
      MNRAS 389 (2008) pp.1675--1682 [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Signature of Primordial Non-Gaussianity on Matter Power Spectrum"
      A. Taruya, K. Koyama, T. Matsubara
      Phys.RevD 78 (2008) 123534 [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Modeling Nonlinear Evolution of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations: Convergence Regime of N-body Simulations and Analytic Models"
      T. Nishimichi, A. Shirata, A. Taruya, K. Yahata, S. Saito, Y. Suto, R. Takahashi, N. Yoshida, T. Matsubara, N. Sugiyama, I. Kayo, Y-P Jing, K. Yoshikawa
      PASJ 61 (2009) pp.321--332. [arXiv] [PASJ]

    • "Chasing the Non-linear Evolution of Matter Power Spectrum with Numerical Resummation Method: solution of closure equations"
      Takashi Hiramatsu, Atsushi Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 79 (2009) 103526 [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Non-linear Evolution of Matter Power Spectrum in Modified Theory of Gravity"
      Kazuya Koyama, Atsushi Taruya, Takashi Hiramatsu
      Phys.Rev.D 79(2009) 123512 (21 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Simulations of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations II: Covariance matrix of the matter power spectrum"
      R. Takahashi, N. Yoshida, M. Takada, T. Matsubara, N. Sugiyama, I. Kayo, A. J. Nishizawa, T. Nishimichi, S. Saito, Atsushi Taruya
      ApJ 700 (2009) pp.479--490 [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Non-linear power spectrum in the presence of massive neutrinos: perturbation theory approach, galaxy bias and parameter forecast"
      S. Saito, M. Takada, A.Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 80(2009) 083528 (30 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Non-linear Evolution of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations from Improved Perturbation Theory in Real and Redshift Spaces"
      A.Taruya, T. Nishimichi, S. Saito, T. Hiramatsu
      Phys.Rev.D 80(2009) 123503 (22 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Scale Dependence of Halo Bispectrum from Non-Gaussian Initial Conditions in Cosmological N-body Simulations"
      T. Nishimichi, A. Taruya, K. Koyama, C. Sabiu
      JCAP 07 (2010) 002 (26 pages) [arXiv] [JCAP]

    • "Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in 2D: Modeling Redshift-space Power Spectrum from Perturbation Theory"
      A. Taruya, T. Nishimichi, S. Saito
      Phys.Rev.D 82(2010) 063522 (18 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Non-Gaussian Error Contribution to Likelihood Analysis of the Matter Power Spectrum"
      R. Takahashi, N. Yoshida, M. Takada, T. Matsubara, N. Sugiyama, I. Kayo, T. Nishimichi, S. Saito, Atsushi Taruya
      ApJ 726 (2011) 7 (10 pages) [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Neutrino Mass Constraint from the SDSS Power Spectrum of LRGs and Pertrubation Theory"
      S. Saito, M. Takada, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 83 (2011) 043529 (7 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Forecasting the Cosmological Constraints with Anisotropic Baryon Acoustic Oscillations from Multipole Expansion"
      A. Taruya, S. Saito, T. Nishimichi
      Phys.Rev.D 83 (2011) 103527 (12 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Next-to-leading resummation of cosmological perturbations via the Lagrangian picture: 2-loop correction in real and redshift spaces"
      T. Okamura, A. Taruya, T. Matsubara
      JCAP 08 (2011) 012 (20 pages). [arXiv] [JCAP]

    • "Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in 2D II: Redshift-space Halo Clustering in N-body Simulations"
      T. Nishimichi, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 84 (2011) 043526 (15 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Direct and fast calculation of regularized cosmological power spectrum at two-loop order"
      A. Taruya, F. Bernardeau, T. Nishimichi, S. Codis
      Phys.Rev.D 86 (2012) 103528 (24 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Revising the Halofit Model for the Nonlinear Matter Power Spectrum"
      R. Takahashi, M. Sato, T. Nishimichi, A. Taruya, M. Oguri
      ApJ 761 (2012) 152 (10 pages). [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Precision modeling of redshift-space distortions from multi-point propagator expansion"
      A. Taruya, T. Nishimichi, F. Bernardeau
      Phys.Rev.D, 87 (2013) 083509 (18 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Matter power spectrum from a Lagrangian-space regularization of perturbation theory"
      P. Valageas, T. Nishimichi, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D, 87 (2013) 083522 (25 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Chasing unbiased spectra of the Universe"
      Y-S. Song, T. Nishimichi, A. Taruya, I. Kayo
      Phys.Rev.D, 87 (2013) 123510 (8 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Cosmic propagators at two-loop order"
      F. Bernardeau, A. Taruya, T. Nishimichi
      Phys.Rev.D, 89 (2014) 023502 (18 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Broadband Alcock-Paczynski test exploiting redshift distortions"
      Y-S.Song, T. Okumura, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 89 (2014) 103541 (13 pages) [arXiv]

    • "Beyond consistency test of gravity with redshift-space distortions at quasi-linear scales"
      A. Taruya, K. Koyama, T. Hiramatsu, A. Oka
      Phys.Rev.D 89 (2014) 043509 (18 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Simultaneous constraints on the growth of structure and cosmic expansion from the multipole power spectra of the SDSS DR7 LRG sample"
      A. Oka, S. Saito, T. Nishimichi, A. Taruya, K. Yamamoto
      MNRAS 439 (2014) p.2515-2530 (16 pages) [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Halo/Galaxy Bispectrum with Primordial non-Gaussianity from integrated Perturbation Theory (iPT)"
      S. Yokoyama, T. Matsubara, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 89 (2014) 043524 (21 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Regularized cosmological power spectra and correlation functions in modified gravity models"
      A. Taruya , T. Nishimichi, F. Bernardeau, T. Hiramatsu, K. Koyama
      Phys.Rev.D 90 (2014) 123515 (23 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Modeling the anomaly of surface number of densities of galaxies on the Galactic extinction map due to their FIR emission contamination"
      T. Kashiwagi, Y. Suto, A. Taruya , I. Kayo, T. Nishimichi, K. Yahata
      ApJ 799 (2015) 132 (13 pages). [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Cosmology with anisotropic galaxy clustering from the combination of power spectrum and bispectrum"
      Y-S. Song, A. Taruya, A. Oka
      JCAP 08 (2015) 007 (19 pages) [arXiv] [JCAP]

    • "Consistent modified gravity analysis of anisotropic galaxy clustering using BOSS DR11"
      Y-S. Song, A. Taruya, E. Linder, K. Koyama, C.G. Sabiu, G-B. Zhao, F. Bernardeau, T. Nishimichi, T. Okumura
      Phys.Rev.D 92 (2015) 043522 (13 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Constraining higher-order parameters for primordial non-Gaussianities from power spectra and bispectra of imaging survey"
      I. Hashimoto, A. Taruya, T. Matsubara, T. Namikawa, S. Yokoyama
      Phys.Rev.D, 93 (2016) 103537 (20 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Constructing perturbation theory kernels for large-scale structure in generalized cosmologies" (selected as Editor's Suggestion)
      A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D, 94 (2016) 023504 (10 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "The Subaru FMOS galaxy redshift survey (FastSound). IV. new constraint on gravity theory from redshift space distortions at z~1.4"
      T. Okumura, C. Hikage, T. Totani, M. Tonegawa, H. Okada, K. Glazebrook, C. Blake, P.G. Ferreira, S. More, A. Taruya, S. Tsujikawa, M. Akiyama, G. Dalton, T. Goto, T. Ishikawa, F. Iwamuro, T. Matsubara, T. Nishimichi, K. Ohta, I. Shimizu, R. Takahashi, N. Takato, N. Tamura, K. Yabe, N. Yoshida
      PASJ 68 (2016) id. 38 (24 pages). [arXiv] [PASJ]

    • "Response function of the large-scale structure of the universe to the small scale inhomogeneities"
      T. Nishimichi, F. Bernardeau, A. Taruya
      Phys.Lett.B 762 (2016) pp.247--252. [arXiv] [PLB]

    • "Consistency relation for large-scale structures with primordial non-Gaussianities"
      P. Valageas, A. Taruya, Takahiro Nishimichi
      Phys.Rev.D, 95 (2017) 023504 (10 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Post-collapse perturbation theory in 1D cosmology -- beyond shell-crossing"
      A. Taruya, S. Colombi
      MNRAS 470 (2017) p.4858-4884 (27 pages). [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Precision cosmology with redshift-space bispectrum: a perturbation theory based model at one-loop order"
      I. Hashimoto, Y. Rasera, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D, 96 (2017) 043526 (22 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Moving around the cosmological parameter space: a nonlinear power spectrum reconstruction based on high-resolution cosmic responses"
      T. Nishimichi, F. Bernardeau, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D, 96 (2017) 1235151 (25 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Hybrid modeling of redshift space distortions"
      Y-S. Song, Y. Zheng, A. Taruya, M. Oh
      JCAP 07 (2018) 018 (23 pages) [arXiv] [JCAP]

    • "Lagrangian cosmological perturbation theory at shell-crossing"
      S. Saga, A. Taruya, S. Colombi
      Phys.Rev.Lett. 121 (2018) 241302 (6 pages) [arXiv] [PRL]

    • "Imprints of relativistic effects on the asymmetry of the halo cross-correlation function: from linear to non-linear scales"
      M-A. Breton, Y. Rasera, A. Taruya, O. Lacombe, S. Saga
      MNRAS 483 (2019) pp.2671-2696 (26 pages) [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "The one-loop matter bispectrum as a probe of gravity and dark energy"
      B. Bose, A. Taruya
      JCAP 10 (2018) 019 (32 pages) [arXiv] [JCAP]

    • "Grid-based calculation for perturbation theory of large-scale structure"
      A. Taruya, T. Nishimichi, D. Jeong
      Phys.Rev.D 98 (2018) 103532 (19 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Perturbation theory challenge for cosmological parameters estimation - I. Matter power spectrum in real space"
      K. Osato, T. Nishimichi, F. Bernardeau, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 99 (2019) 063530 (19 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Wide-angle redshift-space distortions at quasi-linear scales: cross-correlation functions from Zel'dovich approximation"
      A. Taruya, S. Saga, M-A. Breton, Y. Rasera, T. Fujita
      MNRAS 491(2019) pp.4162--4176 [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Intrinsic alignment statistics of density and velocity fields at large scales: Formulation, modeling and baryon acoustic oscillation features"
      T. Okumura, A. Taruya, T. Nishimichi
      Phys. Rev. D 100 (2019) 103507 (22 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Phase-space structure of cold dark matter halos inside splashback: multi-stream flows and self-similar solution"
      H. Sugiura, T. Nishimichi, Y. Rasera, A. Taruya
      MNRAS 493 (2020) p.2765-2781 [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Fitting the nonlinear matter bispectrum by the Halofit approach"
      R. Takahashi, T. Nishimichi, T. Namikawa, A. Taruya, I. Kayo, K. Osato, Y. Kobayashi, M. Shirasaki
      ApJ 895 (2020) 113 (20 pages) [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Anisotropies of galaxy ellipticity correlations in real and redshift space: Angular dependence in linear tidal alignment model"
      T. Okumura, A. Taruya
      MNRAS 493 (2020) L124-L128 [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Testing tidal alignment models for anisotropic correlations of halo ellipticities with N-body simulations"
      T. Okumura, A. Taruya, Takahiro Nishimichi
      MNRAS 494 (2020) p.694-702 [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Improving geometric and dynamical constraints on cosmology with intrinsic alignments of galaxies"
      A. Taruya, T. Okumura
      ApJL 891 (2020) L42 (6 pages) [arXiv] [ApJL]

    • "Power spectrum response of large-scale structure in 1D and in 3D: tests of prescriptions for post-collapse dynamics"
      A. Halle, T. Nishimichi, A. Taruya, S. Colombi, F. Bernardeau
      MNRAS 499 (2020) pp. 1769–1787. [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Modelling the asymmetry of the halo cross-correlation function with relativistic effects at quasi-linear scales"
      S. Saga, A. Taruya, M-A. Breton, Y. Rasera
      MNRAS 498 (2020) pp. 981–1001. [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "The covariance of the matter power spectrum including the survey window function effect: N-body simulations vs. fifth-order perturbation theory on grid"
      A. Taruya, T. Nishimichi, D. Jeong
      Phys.Rev.D 103 (2021) 023501 (20 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "The Completed SDSS-IV extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: a multi-tracer analysis in Fourier space for measuring the cosmic structure growth and expansion rate"
      G. Zhao, Y. Wang, A. Taruya, et al.
      MNRAS 504 (2021) pp.33-52. [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Toward a more stringent test of gravity with redshift space power spectrum: simultaneous probe of growth and amplitude of large-scale structure"
      Y-S. Song, Y. Zheng, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 104 (2021) 0043528 (13 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Lagrangian approach to super-sample effects on biased tracers at field level: galaxy density fields and intrinsic alignments"
      A. Taruya, K. Akitsu
      JCAP 11 (2021) 061 (48 pages). [arXiv] [JCAP]

    • "Implementing spectra response function approaches for fast calculation of power spectra and bispectra"
      K. Osato, T. Nishimichi, A. Taruya, F. Bernardeau
      Phys.Rev.D 104 (2021) id. 103501 (31 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Detectability of the gravitational redshift effect from the asymmetric galaxy clustering"
      S. Saga, A. Taruya, M-A. Breton, Y. Rasera
      MNRAS 511 (2022) pp. 2732–2754. [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Grid-based calculations of redshift-space matter fluctuations from perturbation theory: UV sensitivity and convergence at the field level"
      A. Taruya, T. Nishimichi, D. Jeong
      Phys.Rev.D 105 (2022) id.103507 (27 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Tightening geometric and dynamical constraints on dark energy and gravity: galaxy clustering, intrinsic alignment and kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect"
      T. Okumura, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 106 (2022) id. 043523 (24 pages). [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "The RayGalGroupSims cosmological simulation suite for the study of relativistic effects: an application to lensing-matter clustering statistics"
      Y. Rasera, M-A. Breton, P-S. Corasaniti, J. Allingham, F. Roy, V. Reverdy, T. Pellegrin, S. Saga, A. Taruya, S. Agarwal, S. Anselmi
      A&A 661 (2022) A90 (24 pages). [arXiv] [A&A]

    • "Cold dark matter protohalo structure around collapse: Lagrangian cosmological perturbation theory versus Vlasov simulations"
      S. Saga, A. Taruya, S. Colombi
      A&A 664 (2022) A3 (31 pages). [arXiv] [A&A]

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  • Gravitational Lensing Statistics

    • "Probing the Core Structure of Dark Halos with Tangential and Radial Arc Statistics"
      M.Oguri, A.Taruya, Y.Suto,
      ApJ, 559 (2001) pp.572--583 [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Strong Gravitational Lensing Time Delay Statistics and the Density Profile of Dark Halos"
      M.Oguri, A.Taruya, Y.Suto, E.L.Turner,
      ApJ 568 (2002) pp.488--499 [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Lognormal Property of Weak Lensing Fields"
      A.Taruya, M.Takada, T.Hamana, I.Kayo, T.Futamase,
      ApJ 571 (2002) pp.638--653 [arXiv] [ApJ]

    • "Probing dark energy and neutrino mass from upcoming lensing experiments of CMB and galaxies"
      T. Namikawa, S. Saito, A. Taruya
      JCAP 12 (2010) 027 (29 pages) [arXiv] [JCAP]

    • "Magnification effect on the detection of primordial non-Gaussianity from photometric surveys"
      T. Namikawa, T. Okamura, A. Taruya,
      Phys.Rev.D 83 (2011) 123514 (12 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Full-sky lensing reconstruction of gradient and curl modes from CMB maps"
      T. Namikawa, D. Yamauchi, A. Taruya
      JCAP 01 (2012) 007 (32 pages). [arXiv] [JCAP]

    • "Weak lensing generated by vector perturbations and detectability of cosmic strings"
      D. Yamauchi, T. Namikawa, A. Taruya
      JCAP 10 (2012) 030 (39 pages). [arXiv] [JCAP]

    • "Full-sky formulae for weak lensing power spectra from total angular momentum method"
      D. Yamauchi, T. Namikawa, A. Taruya
      JCAP 08 (2013) 051 (34pages). [arXiv] [JCAP]

    • "Constraining cosmic string parameters with curl mode of CMB lensing"
      T. Namikawa, D. Yamauchi, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 88 (2013) 083525 [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "Cosmic shear full nulling: sorting out dynamics, geometry and systematics"
      F. Bernardeau, T. Nishimichi, A. Taruya
      MNRAS 445 (2014) pp.1526--1537. [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Future detectability of gravitational-wave induced lensing from high-sensitivity CMB experiments"
      T. Namikawa, D. Yamauchi, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 91(2015) 043531 (9 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "The CMB lensing bispectrum as a probe of modified gravity theories"
      T. Namikawa, F. Bouchet, A. Taruya
      Phys.Rev.D 98 (2018) 043530 (12 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "CMB lensing bi-spectrum: assessing analytical predictions against full-sky lensing simulations"
      T. Namikawa, B. Bose, F. Bouchet, R. Takahashi, A. Taruya
      Phys. Rev. D 99 (2019) 063511 (18 pages) [arXiv] [PRD]

    • "The Weak Lensing Bispectrum Induced By Gravity"
      D. Munshi, T. Namikawa, T.D. Kitching, J.D. McEwen, R. Takahashi, F.R. Bouchet, A. Taruya, B. Bose
      MNRAS 493 (2020) p.3985-3995 [arXiv] [MNRAS]

    • "Unified approach to secondary effects on the CMB B-mode polarization"
      T. Namikawa, A. Naruko, R. Saito, A. Taruya, D. Yamauchi
      JCAP 10 (2021) 029 (51 pages). [arXiv] [JCAP]

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  • Gravitational waves and Cosmology

    • "Evolution of Gravitational Waves from Inflationary Brane-world: numerical study of high-energy effects"
      T.Hiramatsu, K.Koyama, A.Taruya,
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  • Quasi-equilibrium state of Self-Gravitating Systems

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  • Extra-solar planets

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Unpublished paper

  • "The effect of bias and redshift distortions on a geometric test for the cosmological constant"
    K.Yamamoto, H.Nishioka, A.Taruya, [arXiv]