Accelerating Universe in the Dark -

March 4 - March 8, 2019
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University


Program can be found from here.

The pdf version is here.

Poster sessions

Poster session during March 5 - 7. We will have a session of short presentation for each poster presenter on March 4.

Please see this page for poster instructions.

1.Shingo AkamaPrimordial non-Gaussianities from bounce models in the Horndeski theory
2.Ryuichiro HadaAn iterative reconstruction of cosmological initial density fields
3.Daiki HashimotoConstraint on Nature of Annihilating Dark Matter with Gamma-ray Sky and Ultra Diffuse Galaxies
4.Minxi HePreheating and Reheating after the Mixed Higgs-R^2 Inflation
5.Yoshio KamiyaExperimental Search for New Gravity-like Interactions using Slow Neutrons
6.Issha KayoDark energy constraint from bispectrum of weak lensing field
7.Naoya KitajimaDark photon dark matter production from axion oscillations
8.Yosuke KobayashiDevelopment of the accurate emulator for the redshift-space power spectrum of dark matter halos
9.Kazuhiro KogaiApproach to Angular dependent Primordial Non-Gaussianity with Intrinsic Galaxy Alignments
10.Hiroto KondoWeak lensing measurement of filamentary structure between BOSS galaxies with the Subaru HSC data
11.Toshiki KuritaConstraints on the stochastic gravitational wave background  with HSC weak lensing survey
12.Teppei MinodaA novel constraint on the Primordial Magnetic Fields using 21-cm line absorption signal
13.Sunao SugiyamaWave Effect on PBH Microlensing
14.Yuya NakamuraWeakly-Gravitating Objects in dynamical Chern-Simons gravity and Constraints with Gravity Probe B
15.Hiroko NiikuraConstraining primordial black holes with gravitational microlensing effect
16.Hiromu OgawaRelativistic stars in a cubic Galileon universe
17.Teerthal PatelResonant magnetogenesis from axions
18.Shi PiQuintessence Saves Higgs Instability
19.Ryuichi TakahashiA fitting formula of non-linear matter bispectrum for weak lensing surveys
20.Junsei TokudaPossible violation of positivity bounds for local/non-local theory
21.Kunihito UzawaNo-Go theorems for inflation and ekpyrosis from string theory