Fumihiro Takayama's talks

[Upcoming talks]

"Dark Matter Phenomenology" APCTP workshop, APCTP. Pohang, R.Korea, August 2012


"Collider Phenomenology" DESY theory workshop, DESY. Hamburg, Germany, September-October 2009

"Dark Matter at the Crossroads" DESY theory workshop, DESY. Hamburg, Germany, September-October 2008

TASC meeting, UCLA, USA, November 2007

SUSY07, Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany, July-August 2007


The Dark Side of the Universe 07, Univ. of Minnesota, USA, June 2007


The Hunt for Dark Matter, FNAL, USA May 2007



"Long-Lived Massive Particles as A Probe for New Phyiscs"

1.Particle Physics Group, Niigata University, Japan, December 2011

2.Particle Physics and Cosmology Group, Tohoku University, Japan, December 2010

3.E-laboratory, Nagoya University, Japan, November 2010

4.Particle Physics Theory Group, Osaka University, Japan, June 2010

5.Maskawa Institute, Kyoto-Sangyo University, Japan, June 2010

6.YITP colloquium, YITP, Kyoto University, Japan, May 2010

7.SLAC, USA, November 2007

8.University of California, Berkeley, USA, November 2007

9.Caltech, USA, November 2007

10.University of California, Irvine, USA, October 2007

"SuperWeakly Interacting Massive Particles and Implications of Extremely Long-Lived Massive Particles"

1.Princeton University, USA, March 2007

[Past talks(2000-present)]

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