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Journal of Integrated Creative Studies

Contact Information

Journal of Integrated Creative Studies
ISSN: 2424-0370
Editorial in Chief, Masatoshi MURASE

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
Shirakawa-Oiwake-Cho, Sakyo-Ku,
Kyoto 606-8502 JAPAN
Email : future yukawa.kyoto-u.ac.jp



詩的空間について -ヒトをモノ化せず関係性として捉えるアート視点-
Poetic Space- Art-perspective methodology to describe human as a relationship not as an object -(in Japanese)

revised as of 2017.2.16 富田 直秀/Naohide Tomita
(DOI: 10.14989/225150)


Motivic representations in positive characteristic Anna Cadoret
(DOI: 10.14989/225151)


Investigation of the concept of “unconscious” in S. Freud’s psychoanalysis of the first topography-Preliminary consideration to investigate the subject in P. Ricœur’s interpretation of S. Freud(in Japanese)
 後藤 悠帆/Goto Yuho
(DOI: 10.14989/225152)


Report: Project-Based Learning with 21st Century Skills for the Japanese Language Classroom 武田 泉/Izumi Takeda
(DOI: 10.14989/225153)


Report on my research at the SSPC Laboratory, Division of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University Herwig Michor
(DOI: 10.14989/225154)


未来創成学からの挑戦/Challenging from the Advanced Future Studies (in Japanese) 村瀬雅俊/Masatoshi Murase
(DOI: 10.14989/225155)


現代の貨幣経済における経済格差拡大メカニズムの理論的考察 -その1:通貨の循環不全による経済格差拡大/
A Theoretical Study on Mechanisms for the Widening Economic Gap in A Modernized Money Economy -Part 1: Mechanisms for Economic Gap Expansion Caused by Incomplete Circulation of Currency(in Japanese)
 堂免 信義/Singi Domen
(DOI: 10.14989/225156)


A Report on the Workshop “Superflares on Solar-type Stars and Solar Flares, and Their Impacts on Exoplanets and the Earth.” held in 2016 March 1st (Tue)– March 4th (Fri) Kazunari Shibata and Daisaku Nogami
(DOI: 10.14989/214426)


Visit to Kyoto University and the Superflare Workshop Steven H. Saar
(DOI: 10.14989/214427)


Quasi-periodic pulsations in solar and stellar flares Valery M. Nakariakov, Chloe E. Pugh, Anne-Marie Broomhall
(DOI: 10.14989/214428)


Modeling the Optical (and NUV) Continuum Emission in Stellar Flares
– Report on participation in the Kyoto University Superflare Workshop
 Adam F. Kowalski
(DOI: 10.14989/214429)


Kyoto University visit and participation in Superflare Workshop Suzanne L. Hawley
(DOI: 10.14989/214430)


Flare stars across the H-R diagram Luis A. Balona
(DOI: 10.14989/214431)


The Science of Data Science Jevin D. West
(DOI: 10.14989/214432)


Project Report: IPBES Regional Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Asia and the Pacific. Towards the Zero Order Draft (ZOD) Jeremy James Piggott
(DOI: 10.14989/214433)


How to change the sign of energy? – Report on my three months visit to YITP Alexander Vikman
(DOI: 10.14989/214434)


Report on my staying in the Kinso Laboratory, Division of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science Minghu Fang
(DOI: 10.14989/210243)


Report on my 3-month visit to YITP Christian D. Ott
(DOI: 10.14989/210244)


Report on my stay during March 2016 at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Pan Zhang
(DOI: 10.14989/210245)


Auction Design with Speculative Resale Harrison Hsueh-Cheng Cheng
(DOI: 10.14989/210246)


Report on my first three months at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Hector Palomo Bombin
(DOI: 10.14989/209969)


Report on my visit at the Center for Ecological Researches (CER) of Kyoto University Renhui Li
(DOI: 10.14989/209968)


Report on my Stay at the Kyoto Institute of Economic Research Nicolas Schutz
(DOI: 10.14989/204550)

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