KICKOFF workshop on "Gravitational wave physics and astronomy: Genesis"

September 22 - 23, 2017
3rd Lecture Room in the Comprehensive Research Building 4, Kyoto University

On this workshop

This is the kickoff meeting of the new innovative area "Gravitational wave physics and astronomy: Genesis", which lasts until the fiscal year 2022. This innovative area is composed of 8 research projects, which cover various topics: (A01) Testing Gravity Theories via GWs, (A02) Development of Gravity Theory and Cosmology, (A03) Quest for BH binary: Formation and Evolution, (B01) Diagnosis of NS interior via GWs, (B02) High Energy Emission from Compact Objects, (B03) Identification of Optical and Infrared Emitter, (C01) Investigation of Supernova Mechanism via GWs and (C02) Investigation of Supernova Mechanism via Neutrino.

Japan has strong research activities in gravitational wave data analysis, multi-messenger observations of the counterparts of gravitational wave sources, and theoretical research. It is the purpose of this area to forcefully push forward the trend of gravitational wave physics/astronomy so as to create new research area, by making intimate cooperation connecting these advantages.

At this kickoff meeting, at the start of this innovative area, we review the current status of the international research progress in the field of each research project. Then, each project presents how the research will be organized as a project and what will be clarified. Since there is an intermediate evaluation in two years, we would like to seriously discuss how far we can reach by that point.

Schedule & Venue

Invited Lecturers


T. Tanaka, T. Hosokawa, K. Ioka, N. Kawai, K. Kiuchi, K. Kotake, S. Mukohyama, K. Omukai, N. Seto, Y. Suwa, H. Tagoshi, A. Taruya, M. Vagins, M. Yoshida


This workshop is supported by MEXT KAKENHI Grant Numbers 17H06357 (Sokatsu-han), 17H06358 (A01), 17H06359 (A02), 17H06360 (A03), 17H06361 (B01), 17H06362 (B02), 17H06363 (B03), 17H06364 (C01), 17H06365 (C02).