Satoshi Takada

Kinetic theory of cohesive powders

grazing collision

We develop the kinetic theory of cohesive granular gases. We derive a set of hydrodynamic equations from the kinetic theory and the transport coefficients.

Hydrodynamics of cohesive flows

cohesive powders

In the system of cohesive particles, there appear sharp interfaces between liquid and gas phases.
⇒ Ordinary hydrodynamic equations fail to describe the interfaces.

We construct a continuum modeling of cohesive particles from the kinetic theory, which can treat the coexistence of two phases.

Molecular dynamics simulation of cohesive particles

cohesive powders cohesive powders

There exist various distinct steady phases, which are realized by competition of the equilibrium phase transition and the dynamic instability caused from inelastic collision.

Drag law in granular media

drag simulation

The drag law in granular media is completely different from that in a viscous fluid. The experiments show that there exists a yield force, independent of the velocity. We analyze this problem based on DEM.