Publications and Presentations
Publications and Presentations

Publications and Presentations

You can find my preprints freely available on the arXiv.

Recent Publications

"Adiabatic waveforms from extreme-mass-ratio inspirals: an analytical approach"
Soichiro Isoyama, Ryuichi Fujita, Alvin J. K. Chua, Hiroyuki Nakano, Adam Pound, Norichika Sago
Phys. Rev. Lett 128 (2021) 23, 231101.
arXiv: 2111.05288

"Fundamental Tone and Overtones of Quasinormal Modes in Ringdown Gravitational Waves: A Detailed Study in Black Hole Perturbation"
Norichika Sago, Soichiro Isoyama, Hiroyuki Nakano.
Universe 7 (2021) 10, 357.
arXiv: 2108.13017

"Scope out multiband gravitational-wave observations of GW190521-like binary black holes with space gravitational wave antenna B-DECIGO"
Hiroyuki Nakano, Ryuichi Fujita, Soichiro Isoyama, Norichika Sago.
Universe 7 (2021) 3, 53.
arXiv: 2101.06402

"Post-Newtonian templates for gravitational waves from compact binary inspirals"
Soichiro Isoyama, Riccardo Sturani, Hiroyuki Nakano.
Book chapter in : Bambi C., Katsanevas S., Kokkotas K.D. (eds) Handbook of Gravitational Wave Astronomy. Springer, Singapore.
arXiv: 2012.01350

Selected Publications

"Multiband Gravitational-Wave Astronomy: Observing binary inspirals with a decihertz detector, B-DECIGO"
Soichiro Isoyama, Hiroyuki Nakano, Takashi Nakamura.
Prog. Theor. Exp. Phys. 2018 (2018) 7, 073E01.
arXiv: 1802.06977

"Gravitational Self-Force Correction to the Innermost Stable Circular Equatorial Orbit of a Kerr Black Hole"
Soichiro Isoyama, Leor Barack, Sam R. Dolan, Alexandre Le Tiec, Hiroyuki Nakano, Abhay G. Shah Takahiro Tanaka, Niels Warburton.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113 (2014) 16, 161101.
arXiv: 1404.6133

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