Nuclear Fission Dynamics 2019
2019-10-26 — 2019-11-08

Nuclear Fission Dynamics 2019

YITP international molecule-type workshop (YITP-T-19-08)

Date and Venue

Oct.26-Nov.08, 2019, Room K206, YITP, Kyoto, Japan

(Seminar: K202, Discussion and Coffee room: K102, Visitor rooms: K506, K204, H305)
(First, please visit Ms. Yagi (secretary) at K106 first for registration.)


Jørgen Randrup (LBNL/YITP), Akira Ohnishi (YITP), Kouichi Hagino (Kyoto U.)


The program will focus on dynamical aspects of nuclear reactions with an emphasis on the theoretical methods used for the description of low-energy fusion (currently of great interest in connection with the production of superheavy nuclei) and fission, a topic in rapid development (both theoretically and experimentally) and of current relevance for the r-process nucleosynthesis. A number of leading theorists with different but overlapping areas of expertise will be brought together for intense in-depths discussions that are expected to stimulate new research as well as possible new collaborations.
One of the specific subjects discussed in the workshop is the stochastic shape evolution as Brownian motion. For the fission dynamics, the shape-dependent level density calculation is also important. A related subject is a heavy-ion fusion reaction for superheavy elements. Another subject to be discussed is the relevance of the nuclear shape evolution (as manifested in the resulting fragment mass partition) for r-process nucleosynthesis. We encourage new/existing collaboration works among participants, as in other molecule-type workshops.


  • Jørgen Randrup (LBNL/YITP, Organizer (Workshop Chair))[Oct.26-Nov.8; K503]
  • Akira Ohnishi (YITP, Organizer)[Oct.26-Nov.8; K407]
  • Kouichi Hagino (Kyoto U, Organizer)[Oct.26-Nov.8; Dept.of Phys.] 
  • Yasuhisa Abe (RCNP, Osaka U) [Oct.26-Nov.8 (TBC); K204]
  • Ryosuke Akashi (U Tokyo) [Nov.1; K204]
  • Yoshihiro Aritomo (Kindai U)[Oct.31-Nov.1,Nov.5,7,8; K506]
  • Nicolae Carjan (Bucharest, IFIN-HH & Dubna, JINR & CENBG, Gradignan)[Nov.7]
  • Shuichiro Ebata (TITech)[Oct.28-Nov.1; H305]
  • Zhigang Ge (CIAE)[Oct.28-Nov.2; K204]
  • Naoto Hasegawa (Tohoku U) [Oct.28-Nov.8; H305]
  • Chikako Ishizuka (TITech)[Oct.28-30,Oct.31; H305]
  • Naoyuki Itagaki (YITP)[Oct.28-Nov.8; K514]
  • Haruki Kasuya (YITP) [Oct.31-Nov.1; K410]
  • Zhuxia Li (CIAE) [Oct.28-Nov.2; K204]
  • Li-Le Liu (CIAE) [Oct.28-Nov.2; K204]
  • Yuuya Miyamoto (Kindai U) [Oct.31 (TBC); H305]
  • Matthew Mumpower (LANL) [Oct.28-31; K506]
  • Tomoya Naito (U. Tokyo) [Oct.28-Nov.1, Nov.6; H305]
  • Nobuya Nishimura (YITP) [Oct.26-Nov.8; H301]
  • Katsuhisa Nishio (JAEA) [Oct.28-Oct.29; K506]
  • Kazuki Okada (Kansai U) [Nov.7]
  • Kazuyuki Sekizawa (Niigata U) [Oct.28-31; K506]
  • Yusuke Tanimura (Tohoku U) [Oct.28-Nov.8; H305]
  • Masaaki Tokieda (Tohoku U) [Oct.28-Nov.8; H305]
  • Takahiro Wada (Kansai U) [Oct.28-29, Nov.1, Nov.7; K204]
  • Kouhei Washiyama (Kyushu U) [Oct.28-31; H305]
  • Xizhen Wu (CIAE) [Oct.28-Nov.2; K204]
  • Kenichi Yoshida (Kyoto U) [Oct.26-Nov.8; Dept. of Phys.]
  • Sven Åberg (Lund U) [Oct.27-Nov.4; K506]


Oct.28 (Mon)

  • Settle-in (9:30-10:00) 
  • M. Mumpower (10:00-11:00) "Fission yields across the chart of nuclides" (slide) (chair:J.Randrup)
  • Coffee break (11:00-11:30)
  • K. Nishio (11:30-12:30) "Experimental fission research programs at the JAEA tandem facility" (slide) (chair: K. Hagino) 
  • Informal talks and discussions (PM)
  • Wekcome drink 17:00-18:00)


  • S. Åberg (10:00-11:00) "Microscopic description of energy partition in fission" (slide) (chair: T. Wada)
  • Coffee break
  • N. Nishimura (11:30-12:30) "r-Process nucleosynthesis in realistic astrophysical scenario" (slide) (chair: A. Ohnishi)
  • Informal talks and discussions (PM)


  • Informal talks and discussions


  • K. Sekizawa (10:00-11:00) "Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock Theory and Its Extensions for the Superheavy Element Synthesis" (slide) (chair: A. Ohnishi)
  • Coffee break
  • S. Ebata (11:30-12:30) "Theoretical study on Z=120 super-heavy element synthesis with time-dependent mean-field models" (slide) (chair: K. Washiyama)
  • Lunch
  • C. Ishizuka (14:00-15:00) "Various approaches to study nuclear fission in Tokyo Tech" (slide) (chair: Z. Ge)
  • Coffee break
  • L. Liu (15:30-16:30) "Study of fission dynamics with a 3D Langevin approach" (slide) (chair: S. Åberg)
  • Y. Aritomo / Y. Miyamoto (16:45-17:45) "Synthesis of Superheavy Elements" (slide) (chair: J.Randrup)
  • Dinner (18:30-20:30) @ Kyuntoya (map)


  • Z. Li (10:00-11:00) "Studies of multi-nucleon transfer reactions with Improved QMD model " (slide) (chair: K. Yoshida) 
  • Coffee break
  • T. Wada (11:30-12:30) "Fission in SHE region"  (slide) (chair: K. Hagino)
  • Lunch
  • T. Naito (14:00-15:00) "Electromagnetic Contribution to Nuclear Binding Energy and Its Future Application" (slide) (chair: Y. Tanimura) 
  • Coffee break
  • R. Akashi (15:30-16:30) "Weighted Langevin mechanics for potential escape problems" (slide) (chair: J. Randrup) 


  • N. Hasegawa (10:30-11:30) "Microscopic description of quantum tunneling in nuclear reactions with a time-dependent generator coordinate method" (slide) (chair: K. Hagino) 


  • Y. Tanimura (10:30-11:30) Towards a microscopic dynamical description of s fission process with TDGCM (slide) (chair: A. Ohnishi)


  • M. Tokieda (10:30-11:30) "Quantum mechanical extension of the Langevin approach based on the Caldeira-Leggett model"(slide) (chair: A. Ohnishi)

Oct. 29, 2019

Oct. 31, 2019