YITP molecule-type workshop on

Exotic Structures of Spacetime

March 10-21, 2014

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan

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Invited participants include:

Eric Bergshoeff
David Berman
Martin Cederwall
Stefano Giusto
Olaf Hohm
Jeong-Hyuck Park
Rodolfo Russo
Fabio Riccioni
Nicholas Warner

String theory has revealed many intriguing aspects of spacetime which are surprising from traditional points of view. This workshop mainly focuses on two subjects in string theory: (1) double field theory and generalizations, and (2) black hole microstate geometries and non-geometries. These subjects have one thing in common, besides being very actively pursued recently: they both concern non-conventional, exotic structures of spacetime which were unexpected or inaccessible by conventional intuition or approaches.

In addition to these two subjects, other closely related topics in string theory will be also highlighted, such as, non-standard (exotic) branes, generalized / doubled / exceptional geometries, embedding tensor, etc. The workshop is aimed at bringing together experts working in these fascinating subjects to review the status of the fields and look for new directions of research.

For that purpose, the format of the workshop will be very informal and discussion-based, with no more than two talks per day, so that the participants have enough time to exchange ideas and initiate new collaboration.

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