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The PDF version of the program is here.


Bergshoeff Branes and Stringy Geometry [Slides]
Berman Double and Extended geometries, a review and outlook [Abstract]
Cederwall The geometry behind double geometry
Giusto Geometries of D1-D5-P states [Slides]
Hatsuda Duality covariant geometry for brane systems [Slides]
Hohm Exceptional Field Theory [Slides]
Kimura N=(4,4) GLSM for Exotic Five-brane [Slides]
Mayerson Classifying Supersymmetric Solutions in 3D Maximal Supergravity [Slides]
Park Doubled-yet-gauged: N=2 D=10 Supersymmetric Double Field Theory [Slides]
Riccioni 1/2-BPS branes in theories with eight supersymmetries [Slides]
Russo A tale of two CFT's [Slides]
Waldram Generalised geometry and consistent truncations [Slides]
Warner Universal ideas from microstate geometries [Slides]
Watamura D-brane on Poisson manifold and 1-vector gauge potential [Slides]