YITP workshop

Future Science with CMB x LSS

10th April - 14th April, 2023
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University

Objective of this workshop

We are expecting high-precision observations from upcoming surveys of the cosmic microwave background (CMB), such as the Simons Observatory, South Pole Observatory, LiteBIRD, and CMB-S4 and those of the large-scale structure (LSS), such as Rubin LSST, DESI, PFS, Euclid, SPHEREx, and Roman Space Telescope. Many of the observables from these independent surveys will be correlated due to their large overlaps in sky and redshift coverage. Transformative discoveries in fundamental physics ––– inflation, the nature of dark energy, the nature of dark matter, neutrino mass, and beyond ––– will rely on joint CMB-LSS analysis, as it allows us to increase the overall signal, break degeneracies, mitigate systematics, and probe new observables. This workshop will bring together active world experts from both fields, covering a wide range of topics from theoretical modeling to instrumentation, with the aim to build synergies between the two fields and foster future collaborations.

Schedule & Venue

Invited speakers


Science organizing committee

Jia Liu (Kavli IPMU, co-chair), Colin Hill (Columbia, co-chair), Tomotake Matsumura (Kavli IPMU), Masahiro Takada (Kavli IPMU), Chihway Chang (U Chicago), Eiichiro Komatsu (MPA), David Alonso (Oxford)

Local organizing committee

Takahiro Nishimichi (KSU/YITP), Atsushi Taruya (YITP), Shogo Ishikawa (YITP), Atsushi Naruko (YITP), Satoshi Tanaka (YITP), Kateryna Vovk (Kavli IPMU)