Poster Session: 5th week (July 31st, Poster preview 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Poster session 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM)

Please visit this page for the detailed program.

1. Duc Truyen Dam
 "Unjamming transition of dense active matter"

2. Ryo Kitagawa
 "Self-organized spatial inhomogeneity in self-propelled two-dimensional hard disk systems"

3. Hirokazu Maruoka
 "Impact-induced hardening of suspensions of milimetre patricles"

4. Fumiaki Nakai
 "Reducing Segregation in Vibrated Binary-Sized Granular Mixtures by Excessive Small Particle Introduction"

5. Kota Noto
 "Elastic distribution of amorphous solids"

6. Abdul Quadir
 "Extreme Events Scaling in Finite-Size Abelian Sandpile Model"

7. Robert Ross
 "Growth generates super-Poissonian pattern on squid skin"

8. Ryota Saito
 "GNN prediction of cavity-induced hopping motion in deeply supercooled binary hard disk systems"

9. Abhishek Sharma
 "Active Granular Nematics"

10. Aditya Singh
 "Classical water-wave analogues of the Aharonov-Bohm Effect"

11. Ryudo Suzuki
 "Force Indeterminacy and History Dependence in DEM Simulations of Small Number of Particles"

12. Taiki Tokuyoshi
 "Phase transition in dense self-propelled hard triangle systems by Newtonian Event-Chain Monte Carlo"

13. Chang Xu
 "Designing Nonlinear Mechanics of Soft Composite Solids using Shear Jamming"

14. Kiwamu Yoshii
 "Glassy behavior in a deformable particle model"