YITP workshop QCD phase diagram and lattice QCD [YITP-W-21-09]


QCD phase diagram and lattice QCD

October 25-29 2021 (JST), ZOOM/REMO/SLACK at YITP, Kyoto U.

The purpose of this one-week workshop is to intensively discuss various aspects of QCD at high temperatures as well as at nonzero chemical potentials to explore the phase structure of QCD. For this purpose, we would invite world experts who would trigger discussions of principal questions about QCD. It is assumed that they would present review talks reflecting their vision of QCD at high temperatures and densities, including quark mass dependence. A number of shorter talks will be foreseen by younger researchers and if necessary a poster session will be organized. All talks will be presented on-line.


  • Yasumichi Aoki (RIKEN R-CCS)
  • Hidenori Fukaya (Osaka Univ.)
  • Yoshifumi Nakamura (RIKEN R-CCS)

Topics and Speakers

The workshop covers topics in

  • Chiral phase transition
  • Dependence of the QCD phases on quark mass and chemical potential
  • U(1) axial and possible extension of symmetries at finite temperature
  • Energy momentum tensor and EOS
  • Approaches to sign problem at finite density QCD
  • Theoretical developments

The (confirmed) invited speakers and talk titles

  • Aoki, S. (YITP, Kyoto Univ.), "Recent progress in the HAL QCD method for hadron interactions"
  • Borsányi, S. (Univ. of Wuppertal), "From extrapolation to direct simulations at finite chemical potential"
  • Cohen, T. (Univ. of Maryland), "The nature of the high temperature phase of Yang Mills theory: night thoughts on the Polyakov loop"
  • Ejiri, S. (Niigata Univ.), "Phase structure of QCD in the heavy quark region"
  • Fukuma, M. (Kyoto Univ.), "Numerical sign problem and the tempered Lefschetz thimble method"
  • Glozman, L. (Univ. of Graz), "Three regimes of hot QCD"
  • Hanada, M. (Univ. of Surrey), "Global Symmetries and Partial Deconfinement"
  • Hasenfratz, A. (Univ. of Colorado), "From two flavors to twelve: the opening of the conformal window"
  • Hashimoto, S. (KEK/Sokendai), "Role and subtlety of lattice chiral symmetry in finite temperature QCD"
  • Kitazawa, M. (Osaka Univ.), "Stress-energy-momentum tensor on the lattice"
  • Lahiri, A. (Bielefeld Univ.), "QCD towards the chiral limit"
  • Lombardo, M.P. (INFN Firenze), "A new order parameter, and the scaling window of the QCD transition"
  • McLerran, L. (Univ. of Washington), "Quarkyonic and Ghosts"
  • Philipsen, O. (Goethe Univ. Frankfurt), "The order of the QCD chiral phase transition for different numbers of quark flavours"
  • Pisarski, R. (BNL), "Surprises in the phase diagram of QCD at nonzero density"
  • Shuryak, E. (Stony Brook Univ.), "Semiclassical theory of deconfinement and chiral phase transitions, in the usual and deformed QCD"
  • Takeda, S. (Kanazawa Univ.), "Study of QCD critical end-point using Wilson-type fermions"
  • Yamada, N. (KEK/Sokendai), "Peeking into the theta vacuum"


* The schedule is only tentative. The time is in JST. Colors represent long talk (40min),short talk (20min) and poster(number).

Day 9:00-11:00 11:30-12:30 16:00-18:00 18:30-19:30 20:00-21:00
25 Mon Cohen
break Kawaguchi
---- ---- ---- ---- ----
26 Tue Pisarski
Aoki, S

---- ---- ---- ---- ----
27 Wed ---- ---- ---- Hanada

break Fejos(1),Fukaya(2),
28 Thu ---- ---- ---- Glozman

Suzuki, K
---- ----
29 Fri ---- ---- ---- Borsányi
break Kotov
break online dinner


To participants

Please acknowledge our workshop!

Organizing the workshops is one of the main activities of Yukawa Institute. We have the responsibility to report and publicize the scientific achievements of those workshops to funding agencies, the government, and tax-payers as well as academic communities in a comprehensible and clear way. For this reason, we would appreciate it if you would acknowledge the workshop in your papers and your work motivated by it.
Here are the samples of acknowledgements:
  • The authors thank the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics at Kyoto University, where this work was initiated [completed] during the YITP-W-21-09 "QCD phase diagram and lattice QCD".
  • The authors thank the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics at Kyoto University. Discussions during the YITP workshop YITP-W-21-09 on "QCD phase diagram and lattice QCD" were useful to complete this work.