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Soichiro Isoyama

Senior Research Fellow

Department of Physics, Faculty of Science
National University of Singapore
2 Science Drive 3, Block S13, Level M, Room 04 (S13-M-04)
Singapore, Singapore 117551
Email: isoyama [AT]
Phone: Only zoom [Land phones were terminated...]

  • My Curriculum Vitae (as of 1 May, 2024)

  • Research interests:
    Deepen an understanding of spacetime, gravity science, and astrophysics using gravitational waves.

    Current main projects:
    "Waveform models for extreme/intermediate mass-ratio inspirals"
    "Relativistic celestial (Hamiltonian) mechanics around a black hole"
    "Multiband gravitational-wave astronomy with (B-)DECIGO"
    "Gravitational resonances/scattering in the self-force theory"


  • Publication and Presentations

  • Official website of Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction in GR
  • Unofficial pages for slides presented at past CAPRA meetings
  • Black Hole Perturbation Club
  • Black Hole Perturbation Toolkit

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  • LISA (Official) / LISA@NASA / DECIGO
    The last one minute: GW for a general audience (ONLY Japanese)
    Astrophysics and Cosmology @YITP / Astrophysics and Gravitation @UoG / STAG Research Centre @Soton
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