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Nuclear Astrophysics Exotic Hadrons Hadrons in Nuclei QCD phase diagram
  1st week (1/18-1/22)
2nd week (1/25-1/29) / Mini-Symposium (Nuclear Astrophysics)(1/26)
  3rd week (2/01-2/05) / Mini-Symposium (Exotic Hadrons)(2/5)
4th week (2/08-2/12)
  5th week (2/15-2/19) / Joint Mini-Symposium (Exotic Hadrons & Hadrons in Nuclei)(2/18)
6th week (2/22-2/26) / Mini-Symposium (Hadrons in Nuclei)(2/23)
  7th week (3/01-3/05)
8th week (3/08-3/12) / Mini-Symposium (QCD Phase Diagram)(3/10-11)
9th week (3/15-3/19)
Posetrs during seminar days (3/1-19)

1st week (Nuclear Astrophysics) (1/18-22)

2nd week (Nuclear Astrophysics) (1/25-29)

Mini-Symposium (Nuclear Astrophysics) (1/26 (Tue))

3rd week (Nuclear Astrophysics \& Exotic Hadrons) (2/1-5)

Mini-Symposium (Exotic Hadrons) (2/5 (Fri))

4th week (Exotic Hadrons) (2/8-12)

5th week (Exotic Hadrons / Hadrons in Nuclei) (2/15-19)

Joint Mini-Symposium (Exotic Hadrons \& Hadrons in Nuclei) (2/18 (Thu))

6th week (Hadrons in Nuclei) (2/22-26)

Joint symposium of Theory and Experiment (Hadrons in Nuclei) (2/23 (Tue))

7th week (Hadrons in Nuclei \& QCD phase diagram) (3/1-5)

8th week (QCD phase diagram) (3/8-12)

Mini-Symposium (QCD Phase Diagram) (3/10-11)

9th week (QCD phase diagram) (3/15-19)

Posters in QCD Phase Diagram part (3/10 \& other days)

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