2012 Asia Pacific School/Workshop on Cosmology and Gravitation
1st March - 4th March, 2012
Panasonic Auditorium, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan


In the past general relativity was studied mainly as a subject in mathematical physics. But now it is recognized as an indispensable theoretical framework for cosmology and astrophysics. The discovery of a black hole solution dates back to 1916, soon after the discovery of general relativity. Since then, the properties of black holes have been studied extensively. In recent years, many new sequence of higher-dimensional black hole solutions have been discovered, and their perturbative properties have been clarified. In addition to that, there were remarkable developments in simulating physical/astrophysical systems that include black holes.

In cosmology, Friedmann universe models based on general relativity dates back to 1922. Since then general relativity has been an essential factor in cosmological model building. Meanwhile, the basics of relativistic cosmology have been reinforced by various observations, and new paradigms such as Big Bang and inflation have been established. Cosmology has been also extended to higher spacetime dimensions in recent years. Currently, the dark energy problem is highlighted as a major problem in cosmology, and modified gravity theories have been discussed in depth as one of the attractive possibilities to solve the dark energy problem.

In this academic situation, new research institutes scoping at cosmology and gravitation have been founded in many Asian countries successively. We are then determined to promote collaborative investigations in cosmology and gravitation and to educate the young generation in the Asia-Pacific region. It will bring an immeasurable effect on the future of this field. Under such thoughts, "Asia-Pacific School/Workshop on Cosmology and Gravitation" has been held each year since 2007.

This workshop consists of two parts: lectures by invited speakers and presentations by participants.
Topics covered by the workshop include:
 Gravitational waves
 Numerical relativity
 Black hole physics
 Cosmic microwave backgrounds
 Inflationary universe
 Dark matter and dark energy
 String cosmology
 Quantum gravity

This workshop is held as one of the YITP workshops.
For acknowledgments please include the workshop number;

It is also supported by the Asia-Pasific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP),
by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) No. 21244033,
and by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Creative Scientific Research No. 19GS0219.

We are also happy to announce that EPL, A Letters Journal Exploring the Frontiers of
, supports the workshop by providing Awards for Excellent Talks
by Students and Postdocs.
Winners will receive a certificate and a prize.
Details will be announced during the workshop.

  Larry Ford (Tufts U) "Quantum Stress Tensor Fluctuations and Cosmology"
  Gregory Gabadadze (NYU) "Massive General relativity"
  Akihiro Ishibashi (Kinki U) "Black Holes in Higher Dimensions"
  Jun'ichi Yokoyama (U Tokyo) "Inflationary Cosmology"
 2007 NCKU Mini-workshop on Cosmology and Gravitation, Tainan
 2008 Taitung International School/Workshop on Cosmology and Gravitation
 2009 APCTP-NCTS International School/Workshop on Gravitation and Cosmology,
 2010 Taitung International School/Workshop on Gravitation
 2011 Shanghai Asia-Pacific School and Workshop on Gravitation
 Gungwon Kang (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)
 Sang Pyo Kim (Kunsan National University/APCTP)
 Rong-Gen Cai (ITP, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
 Sean Hayward (Shanghai Normal University)
 Kei-ichi Maeda (Waseda University)
 James M. Nester (National Central University)
 Misao Sasaki (Yukawa Institute, Kyoto University)
 Hoi-Lai Yu (Academia Sinica)
 Misao Sasaki (chair)
 Masaru Shibata
 Tetsuya Shiromizu
 Naoki Seto
 Jiro Soda
 Takahiro Tanaka
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Excellent Talk Awards
The following people were awarded the excellent talk awards. Each winner was given a certificate from EPL and a prize of 100 euro. Congratulations!

  Emir A. Gumrukcuoglu "Cosmological perturbations in nonlinear massive gravity"
  Jen-Tsung Hsiang "Gravity waves from quantum stress tensor fluctuations in inflation"
  Jinho Kim "Gravitational Wave Emission from Pulsars with Glitches"
  Dong-han Yeom "No-boundary measure in cosmic landscape"
COBE resolution   Planck resolution   Photos taken by Sean Hayward
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email: aps2012_AT_yukawa.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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The registration deadline is January 29 (Sunday), 2012.