1 March (Thursday)

8:45 - 9:30 Registration
9:25 - 9:30 Opening address
   chair: Jiro Soda
9:30 - 10:45 Larry Ford (Tufts U) "Quantum Stress Tensor Fluctuations and Cosmology 1"
11:15 - 12:30 Jun'ichi Yokoyama (U Tokyo) "Inflationary Cosmology 1"
   chair: Hoi-lai Yu
14:00 - 16:00 (20+5min)x3+(12+3min)x3 talks
   chair: Kei-ichi Maeda
16:20 - 18:20 (12+3min)x8 talks

---- workshop talks ----

14:00 Zhoujian Cao Numerical study of interaction between positively and negatively massive black holes
14:25 Yongmin Cho New Approach to Quantum Gravity: Abelian Decomposition of Einstein's theory
14:50 Jinho Kim Gravitational Wave Emission from Pulsars with Glitches
15:15 Kazuharu Bamba Domain wall solution and variation of the fine structure constant in F(R) gravity
15:30 Chun-Hung Chen Killing-Yano Tensors and Debye Potential for the Kerr Black Hole
15:45 Inyong Cho Perturbations in Lee-Wick Bouncing Universe
16:00 break
16:20 Chunshan Lin self-accelerating universe from non-linear massive gravity
16:35 Jakob Hansen Cross sections of black holes in parabolic orbits
16:50 Fei-Hung Ho Poincare Gauge Theory with Spin-0+ and Spin-0- Dynamic Connection Modes
17:05 Jen-Tsung Hsiang Gravity waves from quantum stress tensor fluctuations in inflation
17:20 Keisuke Izumi Trispectrum estimation in various models of equilateral type non-Gaussianity
17:35 Dong-Hoon Kim Post-Newtonian analysis of bobbing effects in spinning binary systems
17:35 Chun-Hsien Wu Quantum stress tensor fluctuations of a conformal field and inflationary cosmology
18:05 Chung-Chi Lee Teleparallel Dark Energy
18:20 end of sessions


2 March (Friday)

   chair: Naoki Seto
9:30 - 10:45 Jun'ichi Yokoyama (U Tokyo) "Inflationary Cosmology 2"
11:15 - 12:30 Larry Ford (Tufts U) "Quantum Stress Tensor Fluctuations and Cosmology 2"
   chair: Gungwon Kang
14:00 - 16:00 (20+5min)x3+(12+3min)x3 talks
   chair: Takahiro Tanaka
16:20 - 18:35 (10+3min)x9 talks

---- workshop talks ----

14:00 Sijie Gao A general maximum entropy principle for self-gravitating perfect fluid
14:25 Hoi-lai Yu Einstein's General Relativity without paradigm of space-time covariance
14:50 Xiaoning Wu Van der Waals like phase structure for black hole
15:15 Emir A. Gumrukcuoglu Cosmological perturbations in nonlinear massive gravity
15:30 Chun-Yu Lin Conformal thin sandwich puncture initial data with spectral method
15:45 Jian-Liang Liu Quasi-local energy for the Kerr space.
16:00 break
16:20 Masato Minamitsuji De Sitter solutions in warped compactifications
16:35 Tatsuya Narikawa Testing modified gravity with halo density profiles
16:50 Atsushi Naruko On the equivalence between the δN and covariant formalisms
17:05 Wade Naylor Non-minimal K-inflation
17:20 James Nester A reference for the covariant Hamiltonian boundary term
17:35 Seung Hun Oh Fundamental Solutions of Restricted Gravity: Applications of Abelian Decomposition of Einstein's Theory
17:50 Taotao Qiu A Cosmological Scenario without Initial Singularity
18:05 Sung-Won Kim Hawking radiation aroud wormhole
18:20 end of sessions


3 March (Saturday)

   chair: Masaru Shibata
9:30 - 10:45 Akihiro Ishibashi (Kinki U) "Black Holes in Higher Dimensions 1"
11:15 - 12:30 Gregory Gabadadze (NYU) "Massive General Relativity 1"
   chair: James Nester
14:00 - 16:00 (20+5min)x3+(12+3min)x3 talks
   chair: Sang Pyo Kim
16:20 - 17:50 (12+3min)x6 talks
18:30 - 20:30 party

---- workshop talks ----

14:00 Makoto Narita Global structure of cylindrically symmetric spacetimes
14:25 Dong-han Yeom No-boundary measure in cosmic landscape
14:50 Hwei-Jang Yo Some recipes for BSSN formulation
15:15 Kazuyuki Sugimura Non-Gaussianity in a nucleated bubble
15:30 Ryotaku Suzuki The perturbative analysis of the charged caged black holes with the matched asymptotic expansion
15:45 Yu Tian From gravity to fluid
16:00 break
16:20 I-Chin Wang Trapping effects on inflation
16:35 Chih-Hung Wang Gravitational effects of domain walls on primordial quantum fluctuations
16:50 Ki Cheong Wong Gravitational lensing in a dark matter free braneworld model
17:05 Yi-Peng Wu Inflation in Teleparallel Description of General Relativity
17:20 Yu-Huei Wu Local and global structure of domain wall spacetime with positive cosmological constant
17:35 Rampei Kimura Vainshtein mechanism in a cosmological background in the most general second-order scalar-tensor theory
17:50 end of sessions
18:30 party at "Hokuto" (2nd floor of COOP cafeteria)


4 March (Sunday)

   chair: Tetsuya Shiromizu
9:30 - 10:45 Gregory Gabadadze (NYU) "Massive General Relativity 2"
11:15 - 12:30 Akihiro Ishibashi (Kinki U) "Black Holes in Higher Dimensions 2"
   chair: Sean Hayward
14:00 - 15:35 (20+5min)x2+(12+3min)x3 talks
15:35 - 15:45 closing remark/excellent talk awards ceremony

---- workshop talks ----

14:00 Hing-Tong Cho Stress tensor correlators for various black hole vacua in two dimensions
14:25 Wei-Tou Ni Precision tests of electromagnetism and relativistic gravity
14:50 Chiang-Mei Chen Spontaneous Pair Production in Reissner-Nordstrom Black Holes
15:05 Fabio Scardigli Emergent Lorentz Symmetry and Doubly Special Relativity
15:20 Antonio De Felice Inflationary non-Gaussianities in the most general second-order scalar-tensor theories
15:35 closing remark/excellent talk awards ceremony