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Group photo (One day mini-workshop on Feb.17, 2012).

About the workshop


This workshop is to investigate and to discuss new-types of fermions on the lattice, i.e. staggered Wilson, staggered overlap and minimally doubled fermions and so on. These fermions give us new perspectives on lattice fermions, which could improve the current lattice simulations. Indeed the new formulations of Wilson and overlap fermions based on staggered fermions would drastically reduce computational costs in lattice simulations, while those still keep several virtues of Wilson, domain-wall, or overlap fermions. The subjects of the workshop include the index theorem and the topological charge, the U(1) problem, the staggered flavor structure, the Aoki phase and its order of phase transition, chiral perturbation theory and the strong coupling expansion in the new-types of lattice fermions. Based on these theoretical foundations, the workshop aim at promoting the kernel constructions or improvements, and realistic lattice simulations with the new-types of fermions.

Subjects to be discussed include

One-day workshop

We will have a one-day mini-workshop on Feb.17, in which we discuss the problem of lattice fermions in a wider point of view. One-day workshop subjects will be...

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