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About the symposium

This symposium is to commemorate the completion of the 5 year long-term workshop program of our Institute, "Yukawa International Program for Quark-Hadron Sciences (YIPQS)" and its successful update. During the last 5 years we have held 12 long term workshops and 18 shoter term workshops based on this program covering various basic areas of theoretical physics. These workshops made significant contributions to the development of collaborative works by the international physicist community.

On this occasion we would like to invite leading experts from various fields and hold a symposium discussing the recent developments and future perspectives in theoretical physics. Topics will include quark-hadron sciences and nuclear physics, string theory, SUSY gauge theory, D-brane dynamics, cosmology and gravity, high energy astrophysics, non-equilibrium dynamics, superconductor,graphene, and so on.

One of the central themes of the present symposium is to summarize the achievements of the long-term workshop program (YIPQS) and quark-hadron sciences. Another important aspect of this symposium is to give the perspectives for the possible unification of theoretical physics. For example, we are witnessing its glimpses in connection with the idea of holography and AdS/CFT correspondence in string theory, quark-gluon and condensed matter physics etc. We hope that this symposium will be stimulating and thought provoking, in particular for young theoretical physicists. From the next year 2012 we begin a new series of long term visiting programm which we hope will bring further important developments in basic theoretical physics.

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Date and Venue

Symposium Photo (Feb.6)

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Symposium Photo (Feb.7)

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Invited Speakers

YIPQS symposium organizers

T. Eguchi (YITP, co-chair), A. Ohnishi (YITP, co-chair), H. Hayakawa (YITP, LOC), T. Kugo (YITP), T. Kunihiro (Kyoto), H. Kunitomo (YITP, LOC), K. Morita (YITP, LOC/Secretary), M. Sasaki (YITP), M. Shibata (YITP), K. Shizuya (YITP), T. Tanaka (YITP, LOC), T. Tohyama (YITP), K. Yazaki (RIKEN/YITP).