Commonalities between Edwards ensemble and glasses


Hernan Makse (City University of New York)


In the past years different approaches have emerged to treat jammed packings. Two of them are the Edwards ensemble of granular matter and Replica Theory from spin glasses and computer science. Here we review recent results regarding the former in the context of constraint optimization problems. We show how a set of mean field approximations applied to the Edwards ensemble allows for the calculation of the volume fraction of different random systems ranging from spherical frictional and frictionless particles, monodisperse and polydisperse particles to non-spherical objects. The force transmission problem in granular matter is also treated under the constraint optimization paradigm and belief propagation to produce predictions for the force distribution and the coordination number of the above referenced systems. Ultimately, the Edwards approach can be compared with RT in the (very narrow, yet distinct) range of predicted densities in search of commonalities between both theories.

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