For Participants

This page describes important and practical information for those who will participate in the workshop.

Reception Desk: When you first come to YITP, please proceed to the reception desk at the entrance of Yukawa Memorial Hall. All participants to the workshop are supposed to make a registration, independent of their registrations to the workshop program. Reception desk will open at 10:00, July 16th. Please pay 3,500 JPY for banquet at the desk.

Internet: Wireless LAN network using WEP encryption will be available in the saloon of Yukawa Memorial Hall. We are sorry, but we do not have any PCs for your temporary use. YITP takes no responsibility for any damage you might have by connecting your PC to the YITP network. If you are using a Windows PC, we kindly ask that you install any one of Anti-Virus softwares before connecting to the network. Thank you for your cooperation.

Poster size and display: Poster boards will accommodate A0 size portrait posters. The size of a poster board is 86.8cm (width) and 151.5cm (height). The display rooms will be Y206 and Y306 (Yukawa Memorial Hall). You can use only one poster board for your presentation. You can use magnets there to pin up your poster to the board. The display room will be opened at the beginning of workshop. You can keep your poster on the board during the workshop and your poster should be cleared off before the end of workshop.

Restaurants: On top of a cafeteria in the North Campus, there are many (reasonable or expensive) restaurants around YITP. See "Restaurant Map (pdf)".

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