Can a Gardner transition explain the marginal stability of jammed packings?


Francesco Zamponi (ENS, Paris)


I will reconsider the replica theory of the glass phase and jamming of hard spheres in the large space dimension limit. Building upon the exact expression for the free-energy functional obtained previously, we find that the Random First Order Transition (RFOT) scenario is realized here with two thermodynamic transitions: the usual Kauzmann point associated with entropy crisis, and a further transition at higher pressures in which a glassy structure of micro-states is developed within each amorphous state. This kind of glass-glass transition into a phase dominating the higher densities was described years ago by Elisabeth Gardner, and may well be a generic feature of RFOT. Micro states that are small excitations of an amorphous matrix -- separated by low entropic or energetic barriers -- thus emerge naturally, and modify the high pressure (or low temperature) limit of the thermodynamic functions. The Gardner phase is expected to be a full replica symmetry breaking phase, where glassy states are marginally stable. This could provide an explanation for the marginality of jammed packings.

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