Quantum annealing in real and imaginary time


Anders W. Sandvik (Boston Univ.)


I will discuss the use of imaginary-time quantum annealing as a bench-mark for real-time quantum annealing in the context of quantum computing. Out-of-equilibrium Hamiltonian dynamics in imaginary time can be implemented in quantum Monte Carlo simulations without sign problems for the same class of models as standard equilibrium simulations. Well-defined relationships between imaginary and real time can be exploited to extract quantitative information pertaining to the latter. For example, when traversing a quantum phase transition the dynamic exponent is the same in both cases. I will discuss large-scale results for 3-regular graphs. In addition to quantum Monte Carlo results, I will also present exact numerical solutions of the Schrodinger equation in real and imaginary time, comparing results with the aim of establishing that imaginary-time simulations provide a bound on the efficiency of real-time quantum annealing.

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