1 Ken Kikuchi (Nagoya Univ.)
"AdS/CFT and local renormalization group with gauge fields"
2 Yuya Nakagawa (Tokyo Univ.)
"Flux quench in a system of interacting spinless fermions in one dimension"
3 Yoichiro Hashizume (Tokyo University of Science), Masuo Suzuki (Riken)
"Singular value decomposition picture of double Hilbert space on thermo field dynamics"
4 Marcello Rotondo (INFN)
"Analysis of quantum Fisher information in de Sitter expansion"
5 JUNG HUN LEE (Kyung Hee Univ.)
"The holographic entanglement entropy and temperature on time-dependent backgrounds"
6 Shinji Koshida (University of Tokyo)
"State space of Kitaev's honey-comb lattice model"
7 Ra Kou (University of Tokyo)
"Exponentially improved classical algorithm inspired by quantum computation for classical many-body systems"
8 Soichiro MOHRI (University of Tokyo)
"Valence bond solid states on the square lattice"
9 Norio Fujita (Osaka Prefecture University)
"Quantum gate using superconducting composite structure (d-dot)"
10 Jun Takahashi (Univ. of Tokyo)
"Phase transition in Quantum Annealing for Maximum Independent Set problems"
11 Masaki Tezuka (Kyoto Univ.)
"Lattices mimicking fractional spatial dimensions: boson dynamics and fate of topological phases"
12 Fatemeh Ahmadi (Buein Zahra Technical University)
"Spin Entropy Production by Spacetime Curvature"

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