Center for Gravitational Physics (CGP)
YITP, Kyoto University

Center for Gravitational Physics (CGP)
YITP, Kyoto University



Understanding nature of gravity has long been one of the central issues in particle physics/string theory and astrophysics/cosmology. As a result of significant developments of these fields in the past decades, we are now in an exciting position to enhancing the research activity of gravity toward various directions. For example, by the recent development of string theory, in particular by the discovery of the so-called gauge/gravity correspondence, gravity has become a core subject in a wider area of theoretical physics. It is anticipated that a new perspective on nature may be gained by a deeper understanding of gravity. For example, gravity may be the very key for the understanding of basic phenomena in quantum theory such as quantum entanglement.

It should be also emphasized that gravitational-wave astronomy just began quite recently (in 2015) by the first direct detection of gravitational waves from binary black holes achieved by advanced LIGO in USA. A number of subsequent discoveries of astrophysical phenomena in strong gravitational fields in the near future will lead to deeper understanding of physics associated with strong gravitational fields.

The purpose of this center is to stimulate various fields in theoretical physics from new perspectives, with "gravity" as the keyword, and to establish an international center for gravitational physics in the wider sense through collaborations with researchers and institutions from all over the world.

Core Members

CGP director: Masaru Shibata
Quantum Gravity/String Theory: Shigeki Sugimoto
Gauge/Gravity Correspondence: Tadashi Takayanagi
Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Kunihito Ioka
Cosmology/Modified Gravity: Shinji Mukohyama



Prof. Yudai Suwa won the 12th Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan. (2017/10/31)
A paper by Haruki Uchida, Masaru Shibata and Yu-ichiro Sekiguchi et. al. has been selected as "Editor's Suggestions" of Physical Review D. (2017/10/27)
Prof. Yudai Suwa gave a lecture at Ono High School (2017/10/26)
Advanced LIGO has detected merging neutron stars for the first time. The signals are consistent with the results of numerical relativity. (2017/10/17)
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2017 (2017/10/04)
Prof. Yudai Suwa gave a talk in a science event.(2017/09/11)
The world's first numerical relativity simulation of binary black holes merging inside stellar environments (2017/09/22)

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Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
Innovative Area "New Developments in Astrophysics Through Multi-Messenger Observations of Gravitational Wave Sources"
Innovative Area "Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy:Genesis"


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