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Your registration fee includes the fee for the workshop excursion. We are planning to visit Kitayama and Arashiyama area of Kyoto city. Please find information of the highlights of the excursion below.

[Excusion time schedule]

13:45 For participants who attend the excusion, please gather at 13:45 in the 1st floor of Yukawa Memorial Building. You should arrive in Yukawa Building no later than 14:00. (The Excusion Bus will stop at the front of Yukawa Memorial Building.)

14:00 Excursion starts

14:00-14:30 From YITP to Kinkaku-Ji temple

14:30-16:00 Kinkaku-Ji temple

16:00-16:30 From Kinkaku-Ji to to Arashiyama

16:30-18:00 Arashiyama

18:00-18:45 From Arashiyama to Sodoh Higashiyama restraunt

Please find information of the highlights of the excursion below.

[1]Kinkaku-Ji(Rokuon-Ji) temple

Kinkaku-Ji temple (Rokuon-Ji temple) is one of the 17 UNESCO world heritage sites in Kyoto city and is famous as the temple of the golden pavilion.

Information of the Kinkaku-Ji temple


Arashiyama is a district on the western outskirts of Kyoto. It is known as a nationally-designated historic site and a famous place of scenic beauty. This area contains Tenryu-Ji temple which is another site of 17 UNESCO world heritage in Kyoto.

Information of the Arashiyama Illumination "花灯路"


The workshop banquet has been scheduled on 12/16 from 19:00 at Sodoh Higashiyama restraunt, which is the final destination of the workshop excursion. The Higashiyama area includes Yasaka's five-storied pagoda of Hokai-Ji temple, Kodai-Ji temple.

The information (access and map near the restraunt) can be found in the following homepage.

Sodoh Higashiyama

The banquet will end at 21:00. The restraunt is just a 15-20min walking distance from the railway stations of Gion-Shijo(Keihan line) and Kawaramahi(Hankyu line). We recommend you to enjoy a walking after the banquet if it is not cold day. Of course, you can pick up a taxi if you want.