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VISA information

Depending on your nationality, you may be asked to obtain a visa for your entry to Japan. Please check your case in the web page of MOFA (The Ministry of Foreign Affiars of Japan). If you need a visa, please contact our secretary by sending the following information to specifying "DSU2015 VISA" in the subject line at the earliest convenience.
We will then send you the necessary documents for your visa application.

  • 1.Name as on your passport:
  • 2.Nationality:
  • 3.Date of birth:
  • 4.Gender: male or female
  • 5.Affiliation and job title:
  • 6.Address and telephone/fax number of your affilation:
  • 7.Schedule with flight number:
  • 8.Address and telephone number during your stay in Japan (your accomodation in Japan):
  • 9.Country where you will apply for a visa:
  • 10.List of three selected papers in your past publications:

In case for chinese nationals, please write the chinese character of your name (preferably in the scanned file of your passport) in addition to above information.