Important Notice

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19),
Japan France joint seminar (Part 3) is postponed in winter.
We will announce the detailed information later.


Nonequilibrium phase transitions of disordered materials such as the phase transition between amorphous solids and liquids, become challenging fields in the last decades. Although some recent studies suggest that viscous slowing down of super-cooled liquids, colloids, and granular media might be related to the existence of genuine phase transitions, other works suggest that they are not the thermodynamic phase transitions but mere dynamical transitions. Nevertheless, the long range order in amorphous solids such as dynamical heterogeneities plays an important role in both the glass transition and the jamming transition, analogous with spin-glasses and their physically observable consequences.

In these days, we are also interested in stronger nonequilibrium phase transitions such as the discontinuous shear thickening and the shear jamming which have different aspects from the jamming transition which was discussed so far.

This workshop will bring together theoretical, computational and experimental physicists working on phase transitions and the jamming problem in glass-forming liquids, colloids, and granular matter. It will be held as the fifth week activity of the long term workshop "Frontiers in Non-equilibrium Physics 2020: statistical mechanics of athermal systems" at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University. The aim of this workshop is to create synergy and interactions between Japanese and French community.