Important Notice

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19),
Part 1&2: Cancelled.
Part 3: We plan to organize the Japan-France joint seminar as a separated meeting in winter.


Nonequilibrium physics is one of the unsolved frontiers in modern sciences. In particular, strong nonequilibrium aspects can appear if the environmental temperature can be regarded as zero. In such systems, there are some non-trivial and nonequilibrium athermal phase transitions such as the jamming transition and the discontinuous shear thickening. The goal of the workshop is to deepen our understanding of these concepts themselves by exchanging opinions from participants who have various backgrounds.

All participants to Part 1 will become visiting members in the Yukawa Institute with their own desks provided throughout their stay. The workshop will be designed to have plenty of time for interactions and discussions among participants. Staying in Kyoto, the Japanese old capital, you will also enjoy unique cultural experiences.

This workshop consists of three parts.
Part 1: Long-term workshop on statistical mechanics of athermal systems (June 1st-20th)
Part 2: International summer school on nonequilibrium physics (June 22nd -26th)
Part 3: Japan-France joint seminar on glassy physics (June 29th-July 2nd)

We organizers particularly welcome young scientists to join in this workshop and to promote their research activities towards exploring new frontiers through exciting scientific exchanges with other international participants. This workshop is organized as a part of the program Yukawa International Program of Quark-Hadron Sciences running at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics.