YITP workshop

MIN16 - Meson in Nucleus 2016 -

31/July - 2/Aug.
Panasonic Hall, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University.
Sponsored by YITP and co-sponsored by RIKEN Nishina Center

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Second circular

YITP international workshop on Meson in Nucleus
31st July - 2nd August 2016
Panasonic hall in Kyoto University
(Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics)

- About the Workshop -

The workshop will focus on recent experimental and theoretical
development of meson in nucleus and in-medium properties of hadron
from the fundamental theory of the strong interaction, Quantum
Chromodynamics. The topics covered by the workshop will be
- Fundamental theories of QCD
Chiral symmetry, axial U(1) anomaly, quark confinement and so on

- Mesonic atoms
Pionic atoms, kaonic atoms and so forth and their precision
spectroscopy and their structures and formation reactions

- Mesonic nuclei
Kaonic nuclei, eta and eta' mesic nuclei and so forth and
their spectroscopy and their structures and formation reactions

- Hadron formation in nuclear medium and the spectroscopy
In-medium production of hadrons and their spectroscopy

- Hadron-hadron interaction
Fundamental data for the interaction such as scattering length

- Baryon resonances
Structures of baryon resonances such as Lambda(1405) and N*(1535)

- Charmed hadrons
D meson, Lambda_c and so forth and their in-medium properties

- New facilities
Planned extension of the hadron hall at J-PARC, FAIR and so forth

and related subjects.

This workshop is a satellite workshop of the MENU 2016 held in Kyoto
from 26th to 30th July 2016.

- Registration -

The registration to the workshop can be made from the homepage:
Attendance is free. We will collect actual expenses for coffee, tea,
cookies and get-together party.

- Call for papers -

We would like to take your oral presentations. The contributions should
be sent before 25th June from the homepage.

- Invited speakers (as of 4th April 2016) -

Invited speakers include
S. Aoki, YITP
A. Dbeyssi, Mainz
P. Gubler, ECT*
R.S. Hayano, Tokyo
M. Iwasaki, RIKEN/Tokyo Tech.
H. Kamano, KEK
S.H. Lee, Yonsei
T. Myo, Osaka Inst. Tech.
E. Oset, Valencia
K. Piscicchia, INFN
C. Sasaki, Wroclaw
R. Schumacher, Carnegie Mellon
H. Shimizu, ELPH
Z. Xu, BNL

- Get-together party -

We will have a get-together party in the evening of 1st August.
Persons who want to join the party tell us on the registration.

- Financial Support -

There are limited funds for local expenses to support students and
scientists with insufficient resources. Request for support should
be notified in the registration form.

Please make a registration NO LATER THAN 12th June for the support.

- Important dates -

Registration starts: 4th April 2016
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 25th June 2016
Notification of acceptance: 5th July 2016
Deadline for registration: 7th July 2016
Final circular: July 2016
Workshop: 31st July - 2nd August 2016

For those who need VISA, please make a registration no later than
31st May 2016.

- Accommodations -

We would like to ask participants to arrange their accommodations
by themselves, and recommend reserving their hotel rooms as early
as possible, since the period of the workshop is one of the highest
season for tourism in Kyoto.

There are rooms reserved by a local agency. For those who want
to make the reservation through the agency in cooperation with
MENU2016, please reserve a room from the web site:

Those who want to continue their stay after MENU2016 can also
make reservation in the above site.

We also have a limited number (~8) of rooms in an on-site dormitory
(Kitashirakawa Guest House). The guest house arrangement can be
requested in the registration form. Priority is given to students.

More information of accommodation can be found in

- Web page -


- Contact address -

replace _at_ with @

- Organizers -

Teiji Kunihiro (chair) (Kyoto Univ.)
Hiroyuki Fujioka (Kyoto Univ.)
Satoru Hirenzaki (Nara Women's Univ.)
Tetsuo Hyodo (YITP)
Takatsugu Ishikawa (Tohoku Univ.)
Kenta Itahashi (RIKEN)
Hiroki Kanda (Tohoku Univ.)
Hideko Nagahiro (Nara Women's Univ.)
Kyoichiro Ozawa (KEK, Univ. Tokyo)
Shigehiro Yasui (Tokyo Tech.)
Satoshi Yokkaichi (RIKEN)

- Sponsorship -

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science, RIKEN