YIPQS long-term and Nishinomiya-Yukawa memorial workshop

Quantum Information and String Theory 2019

May 27 - June 28, 2019
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University

It from Qubit school/workshop

June 17 - June 28, 2019



Please check the "Access maps" in the YITP webpage.


Upon Arrival

First of all, please visit the reception desk at Y106 in the Yukawa Hall for registration. We will hand you congress kits, keys*, etc. We kindly ask you to pay (i) the refreshment fee 2,000 JPY (ii) key deposit of 2,000 JPY and (iii) banquet fees there. The deposit will be refunded when you return the key. Opening hours of Y106 are 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 (Mon.-Fri., except June 18). Please return the key until 16:00 on your last working day (Mon.-Fri.) to Y106.

On June 10 and June 17, we will open the reception desk at the entrance of the Yukawa Hall. If you are attending from these dates, please come to the reception desk at the entrance and register there. In case you arrive late and find the reception desk at the entrance is closed, please visit Y106 as the instruction above.

* Keys will be handed only to the participants to whom an office is assigned. We may not be able to offer offices to all of you depending on the number of the attenders.

Facility, PC/Network, etc.

A network (wired/wireless) for the workshop participants is available. To connect to the network, you need authentication using the ID and the password to be announced in the congress kit. Please note that YITP takes no responsibility for any damage you might have by connecting your PC to the YITP networks. If you are using a Windows PC, we kindly ask you to install any one of Anti-Virus softwares before connecting your PC to the network. For PCs running on other operating systems (e.g. MacOS, Linux), see a leaflet "YITP Network Facilities for Workshop Participants" in your congress kit.

P2P connections are prohibited. Please do not use P2P file sharing softwares while connecting the YITP network.


We are planning the following banquets.


To the poster presenters

Poster size, etc.

Poster boards accommodate A0 size portrait posters. The size of a poster board is 86.8cm (width) and 151.5cm (height). You can use only one side of a poster board for your presentation. We ask you to display your poster on the board by yourself. You can use magnets there to pin up your poster to the board. Please make sure to put up your poster well before the start of the poster sessions.



Please make reservations of your accommodation by yourself. A partial list is available in "Accommodations" in the YITP webpage. We recommend that you will make the reservations at your earliest convenience because Kyoto will be crowded by many tourists during this season.

--!! NOTICE !! --
Please be careful of fraud by someone who pretends to work in a travel agency. They may try to steal your credit card number. You will not be directly contacted by any travel agencies. If you are contacted by any suspicious agency or persons, please check with organizers.