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Aims and Scope:

This is the second of the series of international schools organized by Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics. Now we are at the dawn of gravitational wave physics. In a few years we are going to reach a new horizon of gravitational wave observation. At the same time various observations for simultaneous electromagnetic counterpart search are going to be ready. Therefore, it is high time for young students to participate in this exciting research area. As a guide to gravitational wave physics, we organize this school.
The school is scheduled from March 25th to 28th in 2015. We invite renouned lecturers as listed below. Each of them will give us 3 or 4 lectures. We also have poster session to encourage the research communication among participants. Participation of senior researchers are not also excluded.

For participants:

For participation, please register before Dec. 15th. We have some financial support for the local expenses (accommodations and minimum amount for per diem) upon request of participants, although we may have to restrict the number of participants from several constraints. If you also need the support for your travel expenses, please write your request in the comment column. The organizers will arrange the accommodations of the participants from abroad. In case you cover the cost for accommodations by yourself, it will cost about 3,500-7,000yen/night.
We have a party on 27th. We will ask you 4,000yen (2,000yen for student) as a participation fee.

School Site:

K206, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University (Access to YITP)
Contact address of School Secretariat:

Invited Lecturers Include:

Patrick Brady (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Kunihito Ioka (KEK)
Christian Ott (Caltech)
Nicolas Yunes (Montana State)

Local Organizing Committee:
Kenta Kiuchi, Hiroyuki Nakano, Yu-ichiro Sekiguchi, Naoki Seto, Masaru Shibata, Yudai Suwa, Takahiro Tanaka

Sponsored by:
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
Gravitational Wave Research Center
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "New Developments in Astrophysics Through Multi-Messenger Observations of Gravitational Wave Sources"

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