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[P01] Chakraborty, Chandrachur (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics) Dragging of Inertial Frames Inside the Rotating Neutron Stars
[P02] Yoshino, Hirotaka (KEK) Gravitational waves from an axion cloud around an astrophysical black hole
[P03] Inutsuka, Shinnosuke (Waseda University) The analysis of the hydrodynamical instabilities and gravitational waves in core-collapse supernovae
[P04] Ito, Hirotaka (RIKEN) Study of photospheric emission from GRB jet based on 3D hydrodynamical simulation
[P05] Kawaguchi, Kyohei (YITP) Black hole-neutron star binary mergers: dependance on black hole spin orientations and neutron star
[P06] Kinugawa, Tomoya (Kyoto University) Gravitational wave from Pop III compact binaries
[P07] Lee, Chung-Chi (National Center for Theoretical Sciences) Matter Power Spectra in Viable f(R) Gravity Models with Massive Neutrinos
[P08] Luo, Ling-Wei (National Chiao Tung University) Teleparallel Gravity in Five Dimensional Theories
[P09] Narikawa, Tatsuya (Osaka University) Prospect for detection of graviton oscillations using gravitational wave observations
[P10] Nguyen, Lan Quynh (Hanoi National University of Education) TBA
[P11] Nishi, Sakine (Rikkyo University) Generalized Galilean Genesis
[P12] Philippoz, Lionel (University of Zurich) Detectability of additional polarization modes with eLISA
[P13] Sakakihara, Yuki (Kyoto University) Primordial Gravitational Wave in Bigravity
[P14] Ueno, Koh (Osaka University) Toward low-latency detection of gravitational waves from inspiraling compact binaries