Poster Session

1 Mohammad Ansari (TU Delft)
  "Renyi entropy flows from quantum heat engines"

2 Adrian Baule (Queen Mary)
  "Optimal escape from metastable states driven by non-Gaussian noise"

3 Bhaswati Bhattacharyya (Nagoya)
  "Eddy current flow of probability in stochastic gene expression dynamics in eukaryotes"

4 Kihong Chung (KAIST)
  "Tricritical Behaviors of Generalized Epidemic Process on Modular Networks"

6 Ken Funo (Tokyo)
  "Work fluctuations and energy dissipation in nonequilibrium processes"

7 Alessio Gagliardi (TU München)
  "Large deviation theory as a measure of the entropy reduction in system under feedback"

8 Meesoon Ha (Chosun)
  "Dynamic Scaling Analysis in Random Constraint Satisfaction Problems"

9 Taiki Haga (Kyoto)
  "Non-equilibrium quasi-long-range order of driven random field O(N) model"

10 Masaru Hongo (Tokyo)
  "Emergent geometry and symmetry for non-dissipative hydrodynamics"

11 Akihisa Ichiki (Nagoya)
  "Exact expression of fluctuation-dissipation relation in far-from-equilibrium"

12 Ryosuke Imai (Waseda)
  "Nonequilibrium Thermo Field Dynamics for Nonequilibrium Steady States"

13 Takashi Ishii (Tokyo)
  "Equilibrium of local observables in isolated systems with degenerate energy levels"

14 Masato Itami (Kyoto)
  "Derivation of Stokes' law without the Stokes equations"

15 Sosuke Ito (Tokyo Tech)
  "Maxwell's demon in biochemical signal transduction with feedback loop"

16 Yuki Izumida (Nagoya)
  "Efficiency at maximum power of local equilibrium heat engines"

18 Nobuyoshi Komatsu (Kanazawa)
  "General radiative temperature law and radiation temperature in a dissipative universe"

19 Tomotaka Kuwahara (Tokyo)
  "Universal character of metastability in periodically driven systems"

20 Yuta Masuyama (Tokyo)
  "Fluctuation relations in a superconducting circuit QED system"

21 Yuki Minami (KEK)
  "Spontaneous symmetry breaking and Nambu-Goldstone modes in a dissipative system"

22 Tetsuya Mitsudo (Kyoto)
  "Large deviations for frequency in an one-dimensional forest-fire model"

23 Shintaro Mori (Kitasato)
  "Critical properties of non-linear Polya urns"

24 Takashi Mori (Tokyo)
  "Effective long-range interactions and nonadditivity in quasi-equilibrium states"

25 Yohei Morikuni (Tokyo)
  "Jarzynski Equality under Work Extraction"

26 Naoko Nakagawa (Ibaraki)
  "Non-equilibrium entropy determined by excess heat measurement for heat conducting one-dimensional lattice"

27 Yohei Nakayama (Chuo)

28 Daiki Nishiguchi (Tokyo)
  "Collective Motions of High Aspect Ratio Bacteria"

30 Takumi Ohta (YITP, Kyoto)
  "Dynamics of Majorana fermions under periodic drive"

31 Kotaro Otomura (Tokyo)
  "Rheology of Dense Non-Brownian Suspension and Particle distribution"

32 Haitao Quan (Peking)
  "The quantum classical correspondence principle for work distributions"

33 Ashwin S.S (Nagoya)
  "Fluctuations and histone state dynamics on topology of epigenetic landscape"

34 Hidetsugu Sakaguchi (Kyushu)
  "Autoregressive model with long-term memory"

35 Tomohiko Sano (YITP, Kyoto)
  "Stochastic Mean Field Model of Heat Engine partitioned by Fluctuating Piston"

36 Daisuke Sato (Tokyo)
  "The intensive heat conductivity on a translational-symmetric one-dimensional system"

37 Tatsuhiko Shirai (Tokyo)
  "Condition for emergence of Floquet-Gibbs state in periodically driven open systems"

38 Naoto Shiraishi (Tokyo)
  "Attainability of Carnot efficiency with autonomous heat engine"

39 Hyungjoon Soh (KAIST)
  "Direct Observation of Queue Formation in 1D TASEP with Slow Bond"

41 Hiroyasu Tajima (RIKEN)
  "Measurement-based Formulation of Quantum Heat Engine and Optimal Efficiency with Finite-Size Effect"

42 Satoshi Takada (YITP, Kyoto)
  "Drag Law of Two Dimensional Granular Fluids"

43 Masahiro Takahashi (Gakushuin)
  "Critical exponents of laminar-turbulent transition in superfluids with quantized vortices"

46 Nariya Uchida (Tohoku)
  "Dynamics of particles suspended in active fluids"

47 Masahiko Ueda (Kyoto)
  "Replica symmetry breaking in trajectories of a driven Brownian particle"

48 Kaoru Yamamoto (Tokyo)
  "Thermodynamics of Mesoscopic Thermoelectric Heat Engine be-yond Linear-Response Regime"

50 Lou Yuting (Tokyo)
  "Glass Physics in a Multi-Cell Receptor Dynamics Model for Tumorigenesis"

51 Kota L. Watanabe (YITP, Kyoto)
  "Extended fluctuation theorem under modulation of parameters"

Poster boards

Poster boards will accommodate A0 size portrait posters. The size of a poster board is 86.8cm (width) and 151.5cm (height). The display rooms will be Y206 and Y306 (Yukawa Memorial Hall). You can use only one poster board for your presentation. You can use magnets there to pin up your poster to the board.

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