YKIS2013 was closed. Thank you for all participants.

What’s new / Announcement

7 Jun, 2013Closed. Some photos are available here.
1 Jun, 2013The deadline of the submission of 90-sec. talk files
is extended. New deadline is
11:00:00, 03 Jun, 2013 (JST)
31 May, 2013Programme in tabular form is available.
28 May, 2013Group photo will be taken after closing morning
session on the 1st day (3 Jun).
13 May, 2013Uploader for 90-sec. talks is open.
09 May, 2013- Poster short-talk file uploader available soon...
- Deadline of PDF file submission for 90-sec. talk is
23:59:59, 01 Jun, 2013 (JST)
01 May, 2013Registration closed
21 Mar, 2013- Conference poster available
- Abstract updated
- Programme updated
19 Mar, 2013- Registration reopened
- Programme updated
- Abstract opened
15 Mar, 2013Early registration was closed
19 Jan, 2013Bugs in registration fixed ('Special requests' works).
28 Dec, 2012Registration page opened; Tentative programme uploaded; Information about visa added to 'Travel'.
27 Sep, 2012Renewed.
10 Apr, 2012YKIS 2013 homepage opened.

Aims and Scope

Advanced laser-interferometric gravitational-wave detectors such as advanced LIGO, advanced VIRGO, and KAGRA (LCGT) will be in operation from 2015. These will detect gravitational waves from general relativistic and dynamical phenomena such as coalescing compact binaries composed of neutron stars and black holes and will open a new window in astronomy and astrophysics. For the detection and subsequent establishment of gravitational-wave astronomy, we have to prepare many ingredients in this field in the next couple of years: Improving the sensitivity of the detectors, developing efficient data analysis techniques, predicting gravitational waveforms as accurately as possible, and predicting electromagnetic/neutrino counter parts of gravitational waves. In YKIS2013, we invite world-wide leaders in gravitational-wave astronomy/physics as lecturers and discuss the present status and the prospect in this field.

Associated with this YKIS conference, we will also hold a one-month workshop on "gravitational waves and numerical relativity" from May 19 to June 22 as a part of the Yukawa International Program for Quark-Hadron Science (YIPQS). If you would like to get information on YKIS2013, please go to the following site:

>> Long-term workshop (19 May-22 Jun)

Conference Site

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University

Kitashirakawa Oiwake-Cho,
606-8502 Japan

Access to YITP


Local Organizing Committee

  • Takashi Hiramatsu (YITP)
  • Kenta Hotokezaka (Kyoto)
  • Kenta Kiuchi (YITP)
  • Koutarou Kyutoku (KEK)
  • Hiroyuki Nakano (YITP)
  • Yuichirou Sekiguchi (YITP)
  • Naoki Seto (Kyoto)
  • Masaru Shibata (YITP)
  • Yudai Suwa (YITP)
  • Takahiro Tanaka (YITP)

Conference Poster / Group Photo

Invited Speakers

  • Bruce Allen (MPI)
  • Krzystof Belczynski (Texas/Warsaw)
  • Edo Berger (Harvard)
  • Emanuele Berti (Mississippi)
  • Patrick Brady (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • Bernd Brügmann (Jena)
  • Alessandra Buonanno (Maryland)
  • John Friedman (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • Keita Kawabe (LIGO)
  • Takaaki Kajita (ICRR)
  • Nobuyuki Kawai (TITech)
  • Kostas Kokkotas (Tübingen)
  • Luis Lehner (Perimeter)
  • Dick Manchester (CSIRO)
  • Christian Ott (Caltech)
  • Tsvi Piran (Hebrew)
  • Fulvio Ricci (VIRGO)
  • B. S. Sathyaprakash (Cardiff)
  • Bernard Schutz (AEI)
  • Patrick Sutton (Cardiff)

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Masaki Ando (NAOJ)
  • Takaaki Kajita (ICRR)
  • Nobuyuki Kanda (Osaka CU)
  • Seiji Kawamura (ICRR)
  • Kazuaki Kuroda (ICRR)
  • Takashi Nakamura (Kyoto)
  • Masatake Ohashi (ICRR)
  • Misao Sasaki (YITP)
  • Naoki Seto (Kyoto)
  • Masaru Shibata (YITP, chair)
  • Hideyuki Tagoshi (Osaka)
  • Takahiro Tanaka (YITP)