Circular sent on Sun, 12 May 2013 18:43:38 +0900

Dear Participants of YKIS2013, 

The following is an additional information for those 
who will present a poster at YKIS2013. 
Please ignore this email if you do not present poster. 

To make the short-talk session, starting from 17:10 on 3 Jun, go
smoothly, we ask you that your slides be formatted as PDF.
We prepared the uploader for the submission of your PDF file at

Please send us your PDF file using this uploader. 
Before submission, please check again your YKIS ID (like Y234) and
password written in the registration confirmation mail.

The room for the poster presentation will be announced at the
conference site. The poster boards (size of each one is 86cm x 150cm)
are numbered. Please find your board, and display your poster there.
You can find your poster number in "Abstract -- Poster presentations"
page on the conference website.

Finally, we would like to ask you to remove it before leaving the 
conference site.

Thank you very much for your attention. 


Circular sent on Thu, 02 May 2013 15:44:28 +0900

Dear Participants of YKIS2013, 
Thank you very much for your registration to  
YKIS2013 held at Yukawa Institute next month. 
This is the first and final circular.  
The conference will be held at the Panasonic auditorium in  
the Yukawa Memorial Hall of Yukawa Institute.  
The access informaiton is found at 
The registration will be started from 8:50 am of June 3rd  
in front of the conference place (Panasonic auditorium).  
We will receive the registration fee there ONLY BY CASH  
(Japanese yen). We would like all the participants to  
prepare Japanese yen for the registration.  
PROGRAM is found at 
Invited speakers have 50 minutes for talk with 10 minutes  
for questions and discussions.  
Oral speakers have 15 (talk) + 5 (discussion) minutes.  
POSTERS will be exhibited in the second floor (room Y206)  
of Yukawa Memorial Hall during the whole conference week.  
The maximum allowed size of the poster is approximately  
86cm for width and 150cm for height.   
For every poster presentation, we will prepare about 90 seconds  
for the SHORT PRESENTATION in the late afternoon of June 3  
(see the home page of the program). 
We would like to gather the pdf or powerpoint files of  
this short presentation by June 1st. If those who contribute to  
a poster session would like to also give a short talk, please  
send your presetation file within this deadline to  
In addition to the short-presentation session, reception and  
poster viewing session will be held in the evening of June 3:  
There, drinks and snacks will be prepared.  
BANQUET will be held on June 5th, 18:30--20:30.  
The place is at the second floor of Kyoto University Clock  
Tower Centennial Hall in the main campus of Kyoto University. 
This week, we heard from Prof. Ohashi, one of the  
senior faculties in KAGRA team, that they would like  
to invite the participants of YKIS2013 to KAGRA site  
in Kamioka. This tour is planned on June 8 (Sat). 
Perhaps, it will not be possible for many of you  
to attend this tour. We are sorry for the late  
announcement of this. However if some of you are  
interested in this tour and can still attend it,  
they are really happy to invite: Please send an  
email of your interest to Prof. Ohashi  
( and his secretary 
( Then, they will let 
you know the detail of this tour.  
If you have any other questions, please let me know.  
We are looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto soon ! 
Best wishes 
Masaru Shibata 
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics,  
Kyoto University