Yukawa International Seminar (YKIS) has started since 1987. The recent seminars and conferences are listed as follows.

YKIS 2011 Frontier Issues in Physics of Exotic Nuclei
YKIS 2010 Cosmology -The Next Generation-
YKIS 2009 Frontiers in Nonequilibrium Physics -Fundamental Theory, Glassy & Granular Materials, and Computational Physics-
16th YKIS Conference Progress in Particles Physics 2008
16th YKIS Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model
YKIS2007 Interaction and Nanostructural Effects in Low-Dimensional Systems
YKIS2006 New Frontiers in QCD--Exotic Hadrons and Hadronic Matter
Post-YKIS2005 Gravity and Cosmology
YKIS 2005 The Next Chapter in Einstein’s Legacy
YKIS 2004 Physics of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems