In thermal equilibrium, Gaussian fluctuations play a decisive role, and their behavior is well understood. However, the statistical mechanics in non-equilibrium systems is characterized by non-Gaussian fluctuations. One of the milestones is to establish the framework of stochastic thermodynamics, which is relatively new. Such a framework is relevant to describe fluctuating motion in small systems. Nevertheless, we still do not know how relaxation processes are affected by non-equilibrium fluctuations, topological constraints, and quantum effects. Thus, we invite researchers in this field from all over the world. Moreover, non-Gaussian features in non-equilibrium systems require a new framework of statistical physics. Indeed, there is no reciprocal theorem for strongly non-equilibrium systems associated with a non-reciprocal phase transition. Such non-reciprocal relations can be observed in active matter systems easily. Classical densely packed systems exhibit different behavior from usual systems: thermal fluctuations do not significantly affect the motion of individual elements like colloids, powders, and bubbles when these constituents are random and large. To describe their dynamics, we require a distinct logic. Thus, a new branch of non-equilibrium statistical physics is essential to understand and describe these dynamic, self-driven systems.

There is a worldwide momentum for discussion on these topics, and programs will be organized. The first week of the workshop is dedicated to a relatively large international workshop, Dynamics Days Asia Pacific (DDAP13), the Yukawa International Seminar (YKIS2024). The second and third weeks are dedicated to topics related to stochastic thermodynamics. The fourth week will focus on active matter, non-reciprocal transitions, and the Mpemba effect. The fifth week of the conference will focus on jamming and rheology of dense matters.

Dynamics Days Asia Pacific started in 1999 in Hong Kong, and are moved to Hangzhou (2002), Singapore (2004), Pohang (2006), Nara (2008), Sydney (2010), Taipei (2012), Chennai (2014), Hong Kong (2016), Xiamen (2018), Singapore (2020) and Daejong (2022). Now, DDAP13 will be held in Kyoto, Japan on July 1st-5th as a part of the long-term workshop.


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