Dynamics Days Asia Pacific 13 will be held as YKIS2024 at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University.


Dynamics Days meetings are international meetings which launched in 1980 with focus on the nonlinear dynamics. Dynamics Days Asia Pacific started in 1999 in Hong Kong, and are moved to Hangzhou (2002), Singapore (2004), Pohang (2006), Nara (2008), Sydney (2010), Taipei (2012), Chennai (2014), Hong Kong (2016), Xiamen (2018), Singapore (2020) and Daejong (2022). Now, DDAP13 will be held in Kyoto, Japan on July 1st-5th as a part of the long-term workshop. Topics include

  • Dynamics of complex systems
  • Dynamics of nonequilibrium systems
  • Dynamics of quantum systems
  • Dynamics of condensed matter and photonics
  • Dynamics of active and biological systems
  • Dynamics of earth climate
  • Dynamics of machine learning
The meeting will offer invited talks without any parallel sessions. The meeting is supposed to be hybrid, but participants are strongly encouraged to come to the YITP which is the meeting place.

Since 1987, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP) has hosted an international research meeting known as the Yukawa International Seminar (YKIS). This is a five-day international symposium held jointly with the Yukawa Memorial Foundation.
Past YKISes

The registration fee is free, but, we will have a coffee break once a day in weekdays. We kindly ask you to pay 1,000 JPY by cash for each week for its cost.


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