YITP workshop

25th Anniversary Symposium of German-Japanese Joint Research Project on Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics Perspectives for Future Collaboration

October 12 - 14, 2022
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University

On this Symposium

Japan and Germany have been playing leading roles in the development of non-equilibrium statistical physics. One milestone was the initiation of the German-Japanese (DFG-JSPS) Joint Research Project by Yoshiki Kuramoto (Kyoto) and Heiner Mueller-Krumbhaar (Juelich) in 1995. Since then, the academic exchange has been successfully sustained by the following generations, which resulted in not only the active interactions and collaboration between senior researchers but also the promotion of many junior researchers in both countries.

In this fiscal year 2022, we invite top researchers from Germany and Japan to update the most recent achievements and exchange the future prospects of non-equilibrium statistical physics. We will discuss about general principles of the systems far from equilibrium, including motion of self-propelling particles, collective dynamics of liquid crystals under thermal gradient, spatio-temporal pattern formation by active biomacromolecules, active deformation and motion of biological cells and tissues, and rheology of athermal microsystems, from the viewpoint of non-equilibrium fluctuations, phase transitions, and mesoscopic modeling.

We plan sufficient time for short talks and poster presentations, which will provide students and junior researchers with great opportunities to present their thoughts on future challenges.

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Schedule & Venue


Motomu TANAKA (Heidelberg / Kyoto), Ryoichi YAMAMOTO (Kyoto), Masaki SANO (Shanghai / Tokyo), Hartmut LÖWEN (Düsseldorf), Helmut BRAND (Bayreuth), Hisao HAYAKAWA (Kyoto)


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