YITP workshop

25th Anniversary Symposium of German-Japanese Joint Research Project on Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics Perspectives for Future Collaboration

October 12 - 14, 2022
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University


October 12 (Wed)

10:00             Motomu TANAKA (Heidelberg / Kyoto)
"Welcome / Introduction"

Chair: Ryoichi YAMAMOTO
10:10-10:45   Hartmut LÖWEN (Düsseldorf) [Abstract]
"Inertial effects in active matter"
10:50-11:15   Hiroshi NOGUCHI (Tokyo) [Abstract]
"Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Fluid Membranes"
11:20-11:45   Tetsuya HIRAIWA (Singapore) [Abstract]
"Dynamics and stress generation in an actomyosin cytoskeleton"
11:50-12:15   Mitsusuke TARAMA (Kyushu) [Abstract]
"Phase separation and self-organized structures of actin cytoskeleton"


Chair: Mitsugu MATSUSHITA
13:20-13:55   Kenichi YOSHIKAWA (Doshisha / Kyoto) [Abstract]
"Self-Emergent Structure & Function on Hierarchical Life System: Real-World Modeling"
14:00-14:25   Toshiyuki NAKAGAKI (Hokkaido) [Abstract]
"Ethological dynamics of an amoeba in diorama environments"
14:30-14:55   Akihisa YAMAMOTO (Kyoto) [Abstract]
"Spatio-temporal pattern of deformation and migration of pancreatic cells from different precancerous lesions"


Chair: Tetsuya HIRAIWA
15:10-15:35   Hisao HAYAKAWA (Kyoto) [Abstract]
"Demon driven by geometrical phase"
15:40-16:05   Kenta ISHIMOTO (Kyoto) [Abstract]
"Microswimming with odd elasticity"


16:20-18:00   Short Presentations (12 minutes including discussion per speaker)

  • Yuta KURODA (Nagoya) [Abstract]
    "Microscopic Theory for Hyperuniformity and Singular Density Fluctuations in Chiral Active Fluids"
  • Shogo NAGAI (Kyoto) [Abstract]
    "Quantitative Evaluation of Metastatic Potential of Human Colorectal Cancer Organoids by Deformation Analysis"
  • Daisuke ISHIMA (Kyoto) [Abstract]
    "Theoretical determination of stress-strain curve of two-dimensional amorphous solids of dispersed frictional grains with finite shear strain"
  • Bernd LANGER (Global Communication Planning / Hokkaido) [Abstract]
    "Model for amoeba movement in a real world landscape"
  • Kento YASUDA (Kyoto) [Abstract]
    "Most probable path of an active Brownian particle"
  • Yuto HOSAKA (MPI Göttingen) [Abstract]
    "Pair dynamics of active force dipoles in an odd-viscous fluid"
  • Takuya CHIBA (Hokkaido) [Abstract]
    "Caenorhabditis elegans leaps with an electric field for phoretic behavior"

  • October 13 (Thu)

    Chair: Yoshiki KURAMOTO
    09:00-09:35   Helmut BRAND (Bayreuth) [Abstract]
    "Dissipative Solitons stabilized by Nonlinear Gradient Terms"
    09:40-09:55   Takao OHTA (Kyoto) [Abstract]
    "Lateral diffusion on a frozen random surface"
    10:00-10:25   Takafumi KITA (Hokkaido) [Abstract]
    "Nonequilibrium Quantum Field Theory"


    Chair: Takao OHTA
    10:40-11:15   Masaki SANO (Shanghai / Tokyo) [Abstract]
    "Repeatable Accumulation and Dispersion of Neural Stem Cells on Integer Topological Defects"
    11:20-11:45   Hidetsugu SAKAGUCHI (Kyushu) [Abstract]
    "Coupled phase oscillator lattices and plastic flow"
    11:50-12:15   Ryo SUZUKI (Kyoto) [Abstract]
    "Emergence of coexisting ordered states in an active filament system"


    Chair: Helmut BRAND
    13:20-13:55   Dieter BRAUN (München) [Abstract]
    "Non-equilibria for the Emergence of Life: towards the Dew RNA world"
    14:00-14:25   Shoichi TOYABE (Tohoku) [Abstract]
    "Kinetic approach to biotechnology"
    14:30-14:55   Hiroya NAKAO (Tokyo Inst. Tech.) [Abstract]
    "Turing instability in quantum activator-inhibitor systems"


    Chair: Daisuke MIZUNO
    15:10-15:35   Emanuel SCHNECK (Darmstadt) [Abstract]
    "Nucleation Barriers in Lipid Membranes - From Thermotropic Phase Transitions to Membrane-Catalyzed Cavitation"
    15:40-16:05   Hirofumi WADA (Ritsumeikan) [Abstract]
    "Mechanics of flagella-driven drilling motion in symbiotic bacteria"
    16:10-16:25   Judith THOMA (Heidelberg) [Abstract]
    "Theoretical Modelling of Dynamic Phenotypes of Human HSC Affected by Clinical Agent"


    16:40-18:10   Roundtable Discussion
    "Future of German-Japanese Collaboration"
    Moderators: Ryoichi YAMAMOTO & Motomu TANAKA
    Speaker: Helmut BRAND
    Guest speaker: Taro SONOBE (Kyoto University Research Administration Office)

    October 14 (Fri)

    Chair: Hiroshi NOGUCHI
    09:00-09:25   Andreas MENZEL (Magdeburg) [Abstract]
    "Motion of nematic and chiral actively driven objects"
    09:30-09:55   Hiroshi KORI (Tokyo) [Abstract]
    "Tackling complex synchronization dynamics in coupled oscillators using a higher-order averaging method"
    10:00-10:15   John MOLINA (Kyoto) [Abstract]
    "Machine Learning Physics for Flowing Soft Matter"


    Chair: Hartmut LÖWEN
    10:30-11:05   Ryoichi YAMAMOTO (Kyoto) [Abstract]
    "Direct numerical simulations of active particles with fully resolved hydrodynamics"
    11:10-11:25   Simon SCHNYDER (Tokyo) [Abstract]
    "Cell competition in a hybrid mechanochemical model"
    11:30-11:45   Sonja TARAMA (Ritsumeikan) [Abstract]
    "Self-organization in crawling cells through mechano-sensing"


    Chair: Emanuel SCHNECK
    13:00-13:25   Yuka TABE (Waseda) [Abstract]
    "Rigid-body Rotation of Cholesteric Droplets Driven by Heat Flux"
    13:30-13:55   Shigeyuki KOMURA (Wenzhou) [Abstract]
    "Odd elasticity in stochastic micromachines"
    14:00-14:25   Daisuke MIZUNO (Kyushu) [Abstract]
    "Critical Jamming and gel rheology of droplet suspensions in living cells"
    14:30-14:55   Yuka SAKUMA (Tohoku) [Abstract]
    "Membrane viscosity: from artificial cells to living cells"


    Chair: Motomu TANAKA
    15:10-16:10   Short Presentations (12 minutes including discussion per speaker)

  • Chao FENG (Kyoto) [Abstract]
    "Dynamics of microswimmers near deformable and penetrable interfaces"
  • Shunsuke YABUNAKA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) [Abstract]
    "Drag coefficient of a rigid spherical particle in a near-critical binary fluid mixture, beyond the regime of the Gaussian model"
  • Syun ECHIGOYA (Hokkaido) [Abstract]
    "Switching Behavior in Narrow Spaces, in Stentor coeruleus"
  • Amit Kumar CHATTERJEE (Kyoto) [Abstract]
    "Multi species asymmetric simple exclusion process with impurity activated flips"
  • Li-Shing LIN (Tokyo Metropolitan) [Abstract]
    "Onsager's variational principle for nonreciprocal systems with odd elasticity"

  • 16:10             Ryoichi YAMAMOTO (Kyoto)
    "Future Perspectives"