YITP-T-21-06 Molecule-type Workshop on

Galaxy shape statistics and Cosmology

November 29 - December 3, 2021
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University


The aim of this workshop is to focus on the shape of galaxies as a potentially powerful cosmological probe, and to discuss future perspective on cosmology with large-scale structure surveys. The intrinsic galaxy shapes have been recently recognized as a good tracer of the gravitational tidal field, providing a unique channel to access the dynamics of the large-scale matter inhomogeneities. It is thus expected that the use of the intrinsic galaxy shape is beneficial, and with its proper theoretical modeling, a measurement of the galaxy shape statistics can deliver the cosmological information, complementary to the conventional galaxy clustering statistics.

In this workshop, inviting people with expertise of this research field, we exchange ideas and discuss recent progress both from theoretical and observational point of view. Topics related to the galaxy shape statistics will be also discussed, along with future directions in light of large-scale observational programs.

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Science organizing committee

Jonathan Blazek (Northeastern University), Jounghun Lee (Seoul National University), Atsushi Naruko (YITP), Takahiro Nishimichi (YITP), Teppei Okumura (ASIAA), Ue-Li Pen (ASIAA/CITA), Jingjing Shi (Kavli IPMU), Masahiro Takada (Kavli IPMU), Atsushi Taruya (YITP)

Local organizing committee

Atsushi Naruko (YITP), Takahiro Nishimichi (YITP), Ken Osato (YITP), Shohei Saga (Paris Observatory), Atsushi Taruya (YITP)



Supported by

No. JP21H01081 "Exploration of novel cosmological probes of large-scale galaxy surveys that can reveal a possible deviation from the standard cosmological model"