YITP workshop

Quantum computing for quantum field theories

5th - 8th January, 2021
Online (zoom and Remo)

On this workshop

This workshop focuses on quantum simulation of quantum field theories (QFTs) on quantum devices. The calculation method in quantum computation is written in the Hamiltonian formalism with the real-time, in contrast to the conventional lattice QCD based on the Lagrangian formalism with the Euclidean spacetime. Gauge and scalar fields are difficult to handle, while the fermion field is easy to use. Due to these circumstances, even physical quantities such as chiral condensate and quark potential, which have been conventionally calculated by lattice Monte Carlo simulations, can be obtained differently and some different approaches are necessary. Furthermore, the sign problem disappears in the Hamiltonian formalism and it looks promising to give a new insight into several QFTs. On the other hand, the current quantum computer has a small number of qubits and suffers from quantum errors, so that it is necessary to devise calculation algorithms.
This workshop will have a close discussion with participants who have mainly interests in the elementary particle and nuclear theories. Moreover, the researchers of quantum computing will give several invited talks. We aim to discuss the direction of new approaches, exchange information, and create joint researches.


Invited speakers

Date and Time


Masanori Hanada (University of Surrey)

Masazumi Honda (YITP, Kyoto University)

Etsuko Itou (YITP, Kyoto University; Chair)

Yuta Kikuchi (BNL)



Supported by

No. 19K03875 "低温高密度領域における2カラーQCDの相図と超流動性の解明"