Strings and Fields 2021


August 23 - 27, 2021 (9am - 6pm JST)

Hosted by

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

We originally planned to have the workshop in the hybrid format, but we decided to move to a pure online format, in view of the worsening COVID situation in Kyoto.

Detailed Program

The detailed program is available from here.

The first day, August 23, is a pure online day mainly for the virtual poster session.

Invited Speakers

Simon Caron-Huot (McGill)
Causality constraints and gravity
Davide Gaiotto (Perimeter)
The giant graviton expansion
Teppei Kitahara (Nagoya)
'Anomaly' in current low-energy data
Sven Krippendorf (LMU München)
Theoretical Particle Physics and Machine Learning
Alexander Maloney (McGill)
Gravity from averaging
Kantaro Ohmori (Tokyo)
Symmetries and Strings of Adjoint QCD2
João Penedones (EPF Lausanne)
Where is String Theory?
Leonard Susskind (Stanford)
Does the Holographic Principle Apply to de Sitter space, and if so, How?

Topics Covered

There have been annual workshops in Kyoto on string theory and quantum field theory for a long time, which are definitely the largest in this field in Japan. This year marks the 25th anniversary. The contents of the past conferences are archived here.

This year we invite a few speakers from abroad and all the talks will be in English. We plan to have a few parallel sessions for short talks if we receive a large amount of applicants.


The registration has been closed. The registration information can be changed here.

There is no registration fee.

The workshop will be held purely online, due to the worsening COVID sitaution in Kyoto.

The deadline of the registration for giving talks is Thursday, July 1st.
The deadline of the registration requesting financial support is also Thursday, July 1st.
The deadline of the registration for participation is Monday, August 9th.

The workshop consists of oral sessions and poster sessions. At the registration, a short oral talk or a presentation at virtual poster sessions can be chosen. We plan to have a few parallel sessions for short talks if we receive a large amount of applicants. We will try to accommodate your preference, but we may need to limit the number of talks. The abstract submitted at the registration will be announced at the web site later.

Slides in oral sessions and files in poster sessions will be uploaded at this web site and submitted to the online Japanese journal 素粒子論研究 (translated as "Research in high-energy physics"). We will not separately publish proceedings for this workshop. Please contact the organizers if you do not want to disclose your slides or poster files. All the talks will be broadcast online.

The organizers

Masashi Hamanaka (Nagoya University)
Koji Hashimoto (Kyoto University)
Yasuaki Hikida (Kyoto University)
Masazumi Honda (Kyoto University)
Kazuo Hosomichi (National Defense Academy)
Hiroshi Kunitomo (Kyoto University)
Kazunobu Maruyoshi (Seikei University, chair)
Takeshi Morita (Shizuoka University)
Keita Nii (Kyoto University)
Toshifumi Noumi (Kobe University)
Tadakatsu Sakai (Nagoya University/KMI)
Makoto Sakamoto (Kobe University)
Shigeki Sugimoto (Kyoto University)
Yuji Tachikawa (IPMU)
Tadashi Takayanagi (Kyoto University)
Satoshi Yamaguchi (Osaka University)
Kentaroh Yoshida (Kyoto University)

If you have any questions not covered in this webpage, please send an email to