Yukawa International Molecule Workshop / EMMI Program

Renormalization Group Approach
from Ultra Cold Atoms to the Hot QGP

Bose-Einstein Condensate
BEC picture from NIST
August 22 -- September 9, 2011
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
HIC picture from BNL

You can find the general instruction about how to come to the Yukawa Instutite for Theoretical Physics at; Access maps (from the YITP homepage).

KIX (Kansai-Osaka) is the nearest international airport and it is recommended to look for a flight to KIX as a first choice. Itami airport is nearer but this is mostly for domestic flights. If you choose a flight with transit at Narita airport, then Itami could be a reasonable candidate. Because Narita (Tokyo) has more flights, you might think of a possibility to take a train from Tokyo to Kyoto, which will take aporox. 3 hours (1 hour from Narita to the train station for Shinkansen (fastest express train) and 2 hours to Kyoto by Shinkansen). The total train cost will be approx. 150 euros for one-way trip. For more detailed information, you can look up at Access maps and find useful links to get the latest time table, price list, etc.

To Kyoto Station
From KIX there are several reasonable ways to come to Kyoto station. For more detailed information with pictures you can consult websites that provide with Kyoto travel guide. For example, click here to visit an instruction.

To Hotels
If you use the shuttle taxi, no need to worry about finding your hotel. Below is how to reach your hotel (or accommodation).

To Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP)
From the hotels in the downtown district you need take a bus. One ride for 220JPY and you can pay by cash when you get off. You can also buy a book of 10 tickets for 2,000JPY (10% discount) at the Kyoto university (or at Kyoto station). If you prefer to take a taxi from the Kyoto station or from your hotel to come to YITP, please note that the taxi driver may not recognize the Yukawa Institute by its English name. The Janapese name is "Kyoto daigaku -- Kiso Butsurigaku Kenkyujo", which is more known to the taxi driver.