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Last update: Oct. 29, 2011

One-day workshop 1

Place: Panasonic Hall

Sep. 23

9:30-10:30Mark Earl Casida (DCM/UJF)
Time-dependent density-functional theory with molecules in mindSlide
11:00-12:00Dario Vretenar (UNIZG)
Relativistic nuclear energy density functionalsSlide
12:00-12:40Anatoli Afanasjev (Mississippi)
Spectroscopic quality energy density functionals: problems and solutionsSlide
14:00-14:45Kazuhiro Yabana (U. Tsukuba)
Real-time TDDFT in molecules and solidsSlide
14:45-15:00Yukio Hashimoto (U. Tsukuba)
Gogny-TDHFB calculation of nonlinear vibrations in Ti-44,52Slide
15:00-15:30Mitsuru Tohyama (Kyorin U.)
Extended RPA from time dependent density matrix theorySlide
16:00-16:40Nobuo Hinohara (RIKEN)
Extraction of collective coordinates by means of adiabatic theory of large-amplitude collective motionSlide
16:40-17:00Yoshiko Kanada-En'yo (Kyoto U.)
Cluster and density waveSlide