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About DCEN2011

A long-term international workshop on "Dynamics and Correlations in Exotic Nuclei" (DCEN2011) will be held in Kyoto (Japan) during 20 September - 28 October, 2011. DCEN2011 is a six-week workshop focusing on the theoretical physics of exotic nuclei. This workshop is planned as one of the series of long-term workshops sponsored by the Yukawa International Program for Quark-Hadron Sciences (YIPQS). The workshop is designed to promote new inspirations on physics of exotic nuclei as well as new collaborations through active discussions among participants. A limited number of talks (typically two talks) will be given everyday.

Following subjects will be discussed,

  1. Universal descriptions of nuclear structure: from bare-force approaches to density functionals
  2. Many-body techniques for clustering, shape, shells and continuum
  3. Nuclear reaction theories for exotic nuclei

Tentative Program of DCEN2011 is as follows.

These topics will be discussed mainly in the week(s) specified below, although they may be discussed in other weeks as well depending on participants' convenience.

Possible Topics & Schedule (tentative):

Sep. 20 - Sep. 23 EDF / Deformation & one-day workshop 1
Sep. 26 - Sep. 30 EDF / Deformation / Cluster / Abinitio & one-day workshop 2
Oct. 3 - Oct. 7 Cluster / Abinitio / Continuum & one-day workshop 3
Oct. 11 - Oct. 15 -- YKIS2011 Symposium -- (*)
Oct. 17 - Oct. 21 Continuum / Abinitio / Reaction
24 Oct. - 28 Oct. Reaction & one-day workshop 4
EDF: Energy Density functionals
Deformation: Deformations, shells, and excitation modes
Cluster: Clustering
Continuum: Continuum and Resonances
Reaction: direct reactions, breakup, transfer, fusion, SHE, astrophysical reactions
Abinitio: Ab-initio approaches and calculations with bare-force
One-day workshop 1:Density functional approaches to quantum many-body systems (I) (Sep. 23)
One-day workshop 2:Density functional approaches to quantum many-body systems (II) (Sep. 26)
One-day workshop 3:Clusters and neutrons in weakly bound systems (Oct. 3)
One-day workshop 4:Transfer reactions (Oct. 24)
Get together party:Sep. 20, Sep. 26, Oct. 3, and Oct. 24

(*) During the period of the long-term DCEN2011 workshop, the YKIS2011 symposium on "Frontier Issues in Physics of Exotic Nuclei" will be held (11-15 October, 2011), in which we will discuss recent developments in experiments and theories on exotic nuclei.

DCEN2011 organizers

C.A. Bertulani (Texas A&M), G. Colo (Milan), K. Hagino (Tohoku), T. Ichikawa (YITP), N. Itagaki (YITP), Y. Kanada-En'yo (Kyoto, co-chair), M. Kimura (Hokkaido), M. Matsuo (Niigata, co-chair), T. Nakatsukasa (RIKEN), K. Ogata (RCNP), A. Ohnishi (YITP), Y. Utsuno(JAEA), M. Yamagami (Aizu)