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Aims and Scope:

Numerical simulations play vital parts in all the fields of astrophysics. This is partly because many astronomical phenomena are results of nonlinearly coupled multiple factors. The numerical simulations are powerful tools to elucidate the characters and rules of such nonlinear systems. They also serve as numerical experiments since real experiments are impossible in astrophysics. Thank to rapid increase in computational power, our numerical simulations have been sophisticated to achieve higher spatial resolution, wider dynamic range, and inclusion of many more factors and effects. The sophistication has enabled us to compare the simulations with observations in wider areas of astrophysics. This series of meetings, EANAM, have explored the frontiers of astrophysical numerical simulations. As in the former meetings, the scope of the meeting will encompass research fields involving numerical simulations of stars and planets on the small scale to cosmological structures on the large scale. Topics will include (but not limited to) the numerical astrophysics of hydrodynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, radiative transfer, and particle acceleration. In addition, there will also be a focus on computer science applications directed toward astrophysics including numerical methods, simulation data analysis, and high performance computing. The program consists of tutorial lectures, invited talks, contributed talks, and poster papers with brief oral presentations. We welcome active posdocs and graduate students. This meeting is aimed to stimulate numerical astrophysics in the East Asia.

Conference Site:

Panasonic Auditorium, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University (Access to YITP)
Contact address of Conference Secretariat:

Invited Lecturers Include:

Tom Abel (Stanford Univ.)
Miguel-Angel Aloy (Univ. Valencia)
Axel Brandenburg (Nordita)
Ing-Guey Jiang (National Tsing-Hua Univ.)
Ralf Klessen (Univ. of Heidelberg)
Jae-Min Kwon (WCI Center for Fusion Theory)
Junichiro Makino (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Juntai Shen (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)
John Wise (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Invited Speakers Include:

Xian Chen (Peking Univ.)
Longlong Feng (Purple Mountain Observatory)
Lin-Ni Hau (National Central Univ.)
Hyesung Kang (Pusan National Univ.)
Ruben Krasnopolsky (Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics)
Dongwook Lee (ASC/Alliance Center for Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes)
Tomoaki Matsumoto (Hosei Univ.)
Ken Ohsuga (NAOJ)
Yuichiro Sekiguchi (Kyoto Univ.)
Kohji Yoshikawa (Tsukuba Univ.)

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Liang Gao (National Astronomical Observatories)
Pin-Gao Gu (Academia Sinica, Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics)
Tomoyuki Hanawa (Chiba University) [Chair]
Jongsoo Kim (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)
Eiichiro Kokubo (National Astronomical Observatory Japan)
Yipeng Jing (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)
Fukun Liu (Peking University)
Junichiro Makino (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Dongsu Ryu (Chungnam National University)
Masaru Shibata (Kyoto University)
Ronald Taam (ASIAA and Northwestern University)
Naoki Yoshida (University of Tokyo)

Local Organizing Committee:

Kenta Kiuchi, Takayuki Muranushi, Yuichirou Sekiguchi, Masaru Shibata [Chair], Yudai Suwa (YITP, Kyoto University)

Sponsored by:
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
HPCI Strategic Program Field 5

EANAM 2010 / EANAM 2008 / EANAM 2006 / EANAM 2004

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Yudai Suwa